Get Lit poetry group performs

Members of Get Lit, a spoken word troupe based in Los Angeles, led a poetry teaser and showcase during Community Flex Time on Nov. 18. Get Lit Public Outreach Manager Mason Granger, a writer with over 15 years of experience, led the reading, which featured several high school performers from across California. Granger said that […]

Get Lit slam poets visit school

To foster more interest in slam poetry, four members of Get Lit, a non-profit literary organization in Los Angeles, performed during the junior class meeting Sept. 15.   Get Lit, whose mission is to “use poetry to increase literacy, empower youth and inspire communities,” according to its website, is known for its Get Lit Players, […]

Slam poets visit class meetings

Slam poets visit class meetings

Poets from Get Lit, a slam poetry group, performed response slam poetry at junior and senior assemblies Nov. 4 and Nov. 7. The school’s slam poetry team invited the poets to get students to join the club. Last year, the school’s slam poetry team was a finalist at Classic Slam, a youth poetry festival hosted […]

3 students admitted to Get Lit program

Hannah Dains ’16, Kelly Morrison ’16 and Matt Beyer ’15 were accepted into the Get Lit poetry program, an educational organization that works to increase teen literacy with different forms of poetry. Dains and Morrison were named to the Get Lit Players team, the highest rank in the program. Beyer was named to the literate […]