Batchler ’13 to appear on 6th ‘Glee’ season

Viewers will see Cory Batchler ’13 in the band when the sixth season of the Fox television series “Glee” airs in early 2015, but they will not hear what he is playing. He was cast in a paid role as the bassist for the Glee band after attending an audition open to students at the […]

Sophomore enters second round of Korean pop star competition

By Malanna Wheat Singer Sanah Ebrahim ’14 qualified for the second round of a competition to become a Korean pop star. If Ebrahim wins the competition, she will receive 320 million won ($285,000), an international album release and would have to move to Korea to be a full-time Korean pop star. Ebrahim came across the […]

Former track coach acts on popular television show

By Arielle Maxner   Former assistant track coach Dot Jones plays Coach Shannon Beiste on the award-winning Fox television show “Glee,” created by Ian Brennan, Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy. Jones coached in the mid 90s for one season. Coach Beiste is the most recent addition to the faculty at McKinley High. Bullied by other […]

The summer of my discontent

By Derek Schlom The time is early June. With a grand sense of accomplishment, I ceremoniously pen the last word on the last page of the last blue book of my last final of my second-to-last year of high school. Barely bothering to hand in the exam, I rush, beaming (I would imagine) with glee, […]