MUN to chair conference with Marymount High

By Noa Yadidi The Model United Nations club will host its annual conference Saturday, co-hosting with Marymount for the first time. The conference is Model UN’s first conference of the year. Marymount will help run committees, help determine who earns points, and help decide who will win awards. “We’ve always had a close relationship with […]

Thank you everyone, I’ll miss you

By Austin Block I always get made fun of for being the happy columnist on Chronicle. I’m too bubbly, people say. Too optimistic. Too loving. I have too much faith in people in a harsh, cruel, angry, malevolent, unforgiving, directionless dog-eat-dog world. I should write a nasty column, they say, a sarcastic, withering attack on […]

Improvements come with distractions

By Eli Haims Consider the technology that we considered to be cutting edge just five years ago. The iPhone had just begun development, the MacBook was introduced and the Wii was released. In five years, the iPhone has gone through four redesigns and eight models of the MacBook have been on the market. Now imagine […]