Taking a stand against gun violence with action

Taking a stand against gun violence with action

It seems like in our society, the American flag sails at half-mast more often that it does not. The flag is only positioned like this in times of crisis, or more often in our case, to honor the victims of the atrocities that seem to happen all too often in our country. As events like […]

Concealed Weapons

Security guard Mark Geiger was patrolling campus one night about three and a half years ago when he discovered two thieves stealing sound and light equipment from Rugby Theatre. Geiger, who doesn’t leave campus between Sunday evening and Friday night, chased them until he lost them, and they got away with only some of the […]

Sophomores see Columbine reenactment at assembly

By Julius Pak “What should you do when a school shooting occurs on campus?” That was the question posed to sophomores during their assembly Oct. 2 by the security team about A.L.I.C.E. A.L.I.C.E. is the new program designed to inform students on what to do and what not to do when a school shooting occurs. […]

Beirut bombing prevents family reunion in Lebanon

By Esther Zuckerman Tarek Tohme’s ’08 family, including brother Ramez ’06, was in for a surprise when they landed at London Heathrow airport on July 14. They were planning on catching a connecting flight to Lebanon, but they ran into a problem. The Beirut airport had been bombed. “We wanted to see all of our […]