Assassin 2 debuts with new rules

More than 100 students have been “killed” in the second schoolwide game of Assassin, which began March 7. The Happiness Club sponsored a second game after the popularity of the first, which took place during the last two weeks before winter break and involved 80 students. Club leader Kenneth Kim ’13 expected around 150 players […]

Happiness Club to sponsor second game of Assassin

The Happiness Club will moderate a second schoolwide game of Assassin in the new semester, club leader Kenneth Kim ’13 said. In the first game, which spanned the two weeks before winter break, over half of the players were assassinated within the first days. Kim said he plans to implement safe zones or other measures […]

Junior wins schoolwide 'Assassin' game

Jack Goldfisher ’14 assassinated six students in the two weeks leading up to winter break, winning the schoolwide game of Assassin sponsored by the Happiness Club. Club leader Kenneth Kim ’13 presented Goldfisher with a marshmallow bow-and-arrow set and a bag of marshmallows to celebrate his victory. Beginning at 12 a.m. on Thursday, Dec. 6, 39 seniors, […]

Don’t worry, be happy, wear stickers

Maddie Lear ’13 and Mariel Brunman ’13 started the Happiness Club to brighten students’ days through fun and unique events. “Our purpose is to do random, awesome things that make people around campus happy,” Lear said. Lear came up with the idea during a college tour last spring, where she was inspired by Northwestern University’s […]