Head Prefect candidates discuss inclusivity, stress

Head Prefect candidates discuss inclusivity, stress

Update April 4: Cate Wolfen ’17 and Matt Thomas ’17 will serve as next year’s Head Prefects.   Hopeful 2016-2017 Head Prefect candidates Cate Wolfen ’17, Lexi Block ’17, Jordan Khorsandi ’17 and Matt Thomas ’17 promoted their campaigns and answered questions Wednesday during a sophomore and junior assembly in Taper Gymnasium in an effort to […]

Juniors vote in runoff for final Head Prefect candidates

Lexi Block ’17, Matt Thomas ’17 and Cate Wolfen ’17 advance to the Head Prefect Final Election next week, and the second male candidate is yet to be announced as juniors must vote in a runoff Wednesday between the other three candidates. Two male and two female candidates will run in the final round of […]

Choi '15, Winshel '15 win Head Prefect election

Albert Choi ’15 and Sarah Winshel ’15 will serve as as Head Prefects for the 2014-2015 school year, Head Prefects and Senior Prefects announced in an email today. Due to a tie between Choi and Matt Beyer ’15, juniors and sophomores voted in a runoff election yesterday, while Winshel was elected in the first round […]

Male Head Prefect to be decided in runoff election

Matt Beyer ’15 and Albert Choi ’15 will vie for the position of male Head Prefect in a runoff election, Prefect Council announced in an email March 20. Juniors and sophomores have until Friday at 2:30 p.m. to cast their votes. Both the male and female Head Prefects will be announced later that Friday. Brian […]

Pep rally location changed to Taper Gym

The Fanatic Fest pep rally will now be mandatory and held in Taper Gym Oct. 4, rather than in the quad as previously decided by the prefects and Head Fanatics. The prefects and Head Fanatics originally decided to make the pep rally, which is traditionally held in Taper every year, a non-mandatory event held in […]

Next year's Head Prefects named without vote after candidate drops out

In an email sent to all sophomores and juniors, Prefect Council announced on Tuesday, March 19 that current junior prefects Henry Hahn ’14 and Ashley Sacks ’14 will serve as the next year’s Head Prefects after junior prefect Mazelle Etessami ’14 dropped out of the race leaving both candidates unopposed. The assembly on Wednesday where candidates would have […]

Junior prefects elected without runoffs for 2012-13 school year

By Michael Rothberg Henry Hahn ’14, Oliver Goodman-Waters ’14, Ashley Sacks ’14 and Mazelle Etessami ’14 won the election for 2012-2013 Junior Prefects, Upper School Dean Tamar Adegbile said. Incoming Head Prefect Katie Lim ’13 said last week that she expected a runoff election including some of the 12 candidates, but it was not deemed necessary based on […]

Prefects to inform via website

By Arielle Maxner The Prefect Council is creating a website to continually keep students updated about what the prefects are doing. “We have been devoting a lot of time to getting that up because we know it’s important to have information available to students,” Head Prefect Brooke Levin ’12 said. “This will help communication and […]

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