Former Westlake Headmaster passes away

Former Headmaster of Westlake School for Girls Nathan O. Reynolds ’51 died peacefully June 24, President Rick Commons said in an email to alumni, faculty and staff. “During his quarter century of leadership of Westlake, [Reynolds] modernized the school’s curriculum, diversified its student body and strengthened its faculty and culture,” Commons wrote in the email. […]

Commons visits headmasters meeting

President Rick Commons met with New York area alumni, trustees and donors before attending a Headmasters Association meeting in Philadelphia last week. The alumni came from Harvard and Westlake graduating classes of the 1960s to the Harvard-Westlake class of 2008. “It was great connecting with people who have such an interest in the success of […]

Salamandra to pioneer new position

By Saj Sri-Kumar In 1979, a young science teacher came to 3700 Coldwater Canyon Avenue as one of 13 new faculty members that year. Thirty-three years later, Harry Salamandra is still here. “I didn’t expect to stay here as long as I have,” Salamandra said. Today, Salamandra, or “Mr. Sal,” is known as the Head […]

Dartt to move to Seattle

By Eli Haims “I had no plans to ever become a teacher… it wasn’t something that I had even considered,” said chemistry teacher Chris Dartt, who will be leaving at the end of the school year to move to Seattle. Dartt began his teaching career seven years ago when the biotechnology startup company that he […]

School to start in August for 2009-2010 year

By Lucy Jackson and Derek Schlom In July 2006, Thomas C. Hudnut traded in his Seaver office for a renovated house in the equivalent of the upper school campus’ backcountry, and Jeanne Huybrechts trekked over Coldwater to occupy the empty space. Ronnie Codrington-Cazeau packed up her extensive collection of stuffed Elmo dolls and moved down […]

History teacher to retire after 40 Holmby Hills years

By Ariane Lange When middle school history teacher David Coombs first met Westlake Headmaster Nat Reynolds, it was all out of context. Coombs chatted with Reynolds at a California Christmas party held by family friends. After he went back to the Connecticut boarding school where he taught, he did not remember Reynolds. When Reynolds later […]

Huybrechts reflects on first year

By Sophie Mancall-Bitel This year, for the first time, life at 3700 Coldwater Canyon was supposed to be guided by one unifying theme: the hard right vs. the easy wrong. The theme was the brainchild of new Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts and was one of the few things Huybrechts cited as a major change […]