High Stakes: Closing In

Seniors learn the outcomes after submitting their Early Action and Early Decision applications. While some students’ futures are set, other students’ are still up in the air. The All-Around: Walter* was accepted to Indiana University and Tulane University after applying to both schools Early Action, and he was deferred from both the University of Michigan […]

High Stakes: 'Hitting Submit'

The Athlete: Summer* chose to apply Early Decision to Oberlin College and hit send on the Common Application last week. “It is not at all a Division I track school, or a sports-oriented school whatsoever, but they have been reaching toward me, and I really like the school, so I think that’s it,” Summer said. […]

High Stakes College Edition: Living the dream

Recent grads describe what it’s like now that they have achieved their goal of getting into college and are finding their way on their new campuses. Eric Greenberg ’14: Eric Greenberg ’14 enjoys the freedom that the University of Chicago gives him to manage his time. “Since you make your own schedule, you really are […]

Highstakes: Finalizing the college process

Each year the Chronicle follows the paths of four seniors through their college processes. Their identities are kept anonymous until the final issue. The Artist: Blair* spent a month in Dublin, Ireland studying acting at Trinity College. Blair recorded various types of songs at the studio, such as Irish Folk songs. She plans to attend […]

High Stakes: Hearing back from colleges

Melvin*, The Brain Out of the two schools he applied to, Melvin* has only heard back from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he was deferred. He said it was “kind of disappointing, but definitely not out of the blue.” Had he been accepted to MIT early action, he would have continued applying to schools. It […]

Seniors finalize college decisions

Ben Gaylord, The Athlete Although Princeton University doesn’t have a pre-med concentration, Ben Gaylord ’13 plans to take all of the classes necessary to qualify for medical school in the next four years. He also wants to get a certificate in classics to keep studying Ancient Greek and Latin and possibly a certificate in history […]

Seniors anticipate final decisions

Phillip* The Athlete Phillip is finally done with the college process, as long as he doesn’t suddenly drop to an F average or commit a felony, he said. Last Saturday, he received what is colloquially referred to as a “likely letter” from Princeton University, guaranteeing his admission as long as he maintains “the excellent academic […]

Seniors move on to regular decisions

Doug*, The Brain  Doug submitted his single choice early action application to Princeton University more than a week ago and although he was excited, he does not feel much relief. “When I hit the submit button it didn’t really hit me until an hour later when I realized and said ‘wow.’ It’s not that much […]

Courtney* chooses Williams

Courtney* Caitie Benell ’13 has finished her college process and is overjoyed with the results. “I visited Williams on Sunday [Sept. 30],” Benell said. “I will apply early decision and they will support my application.” While she is excited and happy, Benell is still a little bit stressed since she needs to keep up her […]

High Stakes: Chapter 8

By Catherine Wang Alexis the Athlete: Alexis,* who was accepted early decision to Saint Mary’s College, received her estimate from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, which is the amount of financial aid she can expect to receive from Saint Mary’s. The amount she will receive is not enough to cover her tuition to […]