Jennifer Marcus joins history department

Jennifer Marcus joined the Upper School History Department to teach the World and Europe II and United States History this year. Prior to working at the Upper School, Marcus taught United States History, World History, Comparative Religion and Global Studies at Windward School in Los Angeles and Westridge School in Pasadena. Marcus said she did […]

Sierakowski joins History Department

Ingrid Sierakowski joined both the History and the Interdisciplinary Studies and Independent Research departments as a History and Latin American Studies teacher this fall . She will be teaching three sections of The World and Europe II, a sophomore-only class, and one section of Latin American Studies. Before coming to the Upper School , Sierakowski […]

Teachers address midterms in class

Teachers address midterms in class

During the weeks leading up to the 2018 midterm elections, the history department prepared in-class activities and discussions for students regarding possible outcomes of the race. The late-start block schedule days encouraged some history teachers to implement an election-related activity or assignment in their classes, history teacher Celia Goedde said. “With the block periods landing […]

Going down in history: history department adds two new classes

The History Department brought back the Advanced Placement World History class after it was omitted from last year’s curriculum and added an additional AP Human Geography course. History teacher David Waterhouse said the history teachers did not want to remove AP World History in the first place, but they could not find someone to teach […]

Gonzalez promoted to department head

History teacher Greg Gonzalez was promoted to head of the upper school history department after 11 years of teaching. His responsibilities include organizing and planning the curriculum as well as training new teachers. As the medium for communications between teachers and administration, he also makes decisions on behalf of the department including the creation of […]

History department hosts visiting committee

The History Department hosted a visiting committee of four working scholars and educators from California and New York Feb. 3 and 4. Respective upper school and middle school department heads Katherine Homes-Chuba and Matthew Cutler, along with former department head John Corsello, hosted a panel made up of Elisa Milkes from Horace Mann School, Carolyn […]

Extend the deadline

By Lara Sokoloff Spring of junior year. The tension, the pressure, the stress…it’s all palpable. From the moment we return from spring college tours, many of us have a new, stronger understanding of what type of colleges we would like to end up at. Stress climaxes with the 11th grade term paper, an assignment that […]

Navigating upper school obstacle course

By Alice Phillips Every level (except for one) of every building (but one) on the upper school campus is, somehow, wheelchair accessible. Key word: somehow. Ponder the possibilities. How would you get from math class to the language lab? If you think about it long enough, you will come to the conclusion that by going […]

Teachers use forums, blogs

By Julie Barzilay and Cody Schott The History and Foreign Language Departments have started using online blogs and forums to help connect and educate their classes, Spanish teahcer Nancy Holme-Elledge said. After a two-year hiatus, Holme-Elledge and Latin teacher Paul Chenier have re-implemented online forums in some of their language classes to enhance the experience […]

Taper cost of semiformal

Semiformal 2004, located in Taper Gymnasium, was not a roaring (’20s) success.But the better dances of the last three years didn’t need to have come at the price of, well, a much higher price. What has made a difference to the feel of the night is Student Government’s 3-year-old lockdown policy. The pack-the-students-in-and-make-them-have-fun method of […]