Halkett departs from ‘friendly and caring’ community

Upper school history teacher Nini Halkett will be leaving the department after 30 years at the school. She plans to travel to the places she has taught about in AP Human Geography and International Relations, spend time with family and volunteer. “For the most part, [I am retiring] because there are other things that I […]

Neisser to retire, travel the world in his free time

History teacher Ken Neisser will retire after 10 years of teaching at the school in order to relax, spend more time traveling with his wife and pursue interests he did not have time to focus on while teaching. “I want to rejoice in things that I will have time to do,” Neisser said. “I would […]

Tiari leaving to spend more time with family

After just two years as a history teacher at the school, Jennifer Tiari will depart to spend more time with family. “I think I will reevaluate my professional life for the future as to where I go from here,” Tiari said. “I hope to devote my time to my family.” Tiari will continue to study […]

Making history: Teachers analyze Civil War documents

Middle and upper school history teachers participated in Professional Development Day April 9 at the Huntington Library in San Marino to improve their teaching skills as a department and examine historical documents from the Civil War. The Huntington Library contains 15,922 Civil War telegrams between Abraham Lincoln, his Cabinet and officers of the Union Army. […]

Patrick McCullough: History

Patrick McCullough said he is looking forward to discussing contemporary issues with his students as a new member of the History Department. McCullough will teach United States History. “I am excited to participate in a community that is devoted to learning and where teachers and students care about learning,” McCullough said. McCullough graduated from Messiah […]

The West is History: Is the History Curriculum Eurocentric?

The West is History: Is the History Curriculum Eurocentric?

As Upper School History Department Head Greg Gonzalez and history teacher Francine Werner discuss the age-old debate in the history community about teaching a Eurocentric world history, other teachers in the history office can’t help but chime in. “Is this the ‘all-west versus the rest’ discussion?” asks one teacher passing by. As the topic of […]

Teachers work on two campuses

History teachers Celia Goedde and Lilas Lane will commute between the upper and middle school campuses to teach this year. The two history departments hope to use the program to better integrate the World and Europe classes, since the course is split between ninth and tenth grade, Goedde said. “We always want to make the […]

Jennifer Regas Tiari: History

Jennifer Regas Tiari: History

Jennifer Regas Tiari has joined the upper school history department at the start of the year, teaching The World and Europe II and United States History. Tiari worked at University of California, Los Angeles as a teaching assistant and guest lecturer since 2011. “I’m really excited to get this opportunity to interact with students for […]

New To Voting

New To Voting

As the California primary election draws near, many seniors at Harvard-Westlake say they feel prepared to vote knowledgeably for a presidential candidate, but some juniors who will turn 18 before the June or November elections say they wish the school integrated politics more regularly into the curriculum. This fall, Marisa Hattler ’16, along with many […]

Grass replaces trailers, history offices renovated

Two trailers outside Rugby Hall were removed during the summer because of “a desire to return green space to the general community,” Vice President John Amato said. Teachers and students used the trailers as classrooms during the library renovations four years ago, and they remained in place after the construction was completed in 2012. The […]