Effects of Adderall on academics

Effects of  Adderall on academics

Facing the pressure of schoolwork and outside obligations, Mary* ’17 turns to medication such at Ritalin, Vyvanse and Adderall to keep her focused and awake. She started taking them regularly this year when her schoolwork and extracurricular activities increased, claiming that it was not possible to complete hours of work without “some sort of outside […]

Easy Way Out

For Tim* ’16, doing homework for his Intro to Calculus Honors class has little to do with finding solutions to problems. In fact, for most problems, he never even reaches a solution. “As long as you have stuff on the page, you get checked off,” Tim said. Toward the beginning of the year, Tim figured […]

Get psyched

By Alexia Boyarsky In my Psychology class, we don’t get too much homework, we rarely have tests and many of our classes are composed of fun interactive activities and games. Oh, and we also get to learn about how the human brain works. One would think more people would take a class like that, but […]

Administration nixes plans for late school day

By Alexia Boyarsky Plans to start school 45 minutes late next Friday as the culmination of Sleep Week have been cancelled. The week was first suggested by the Sports Council two months ago to raise awareness for lack of sleep in teenagers. Student Athlete Advisory Council members Cathryn Quinn ’08 and Mary Amato ’08 organized […]

Aspiring actor helms new lending library

By Annie Dreyer People used to ask Allie Costa if there were any books she hadn’t read. “Yeah, that one over there in Russian,” she would respond grudgingly. This is not good enough for Costa. Ever since she was two years old and started reading, she has always dreamed of having a bookstore in which […]