Disciplinary process to be streamlined

As part of his increased duties this year, Upper School Dean of Students Jordan Church will oversee all disciplinary decisions and Honor Board cases. In the previous system, teachers or coaches could decide how to handle first offense minor infractions. Upper school deans and Head of Upper School Laura Ross also dealt with disciplinary measures […]

School addresses online slur usage

In light of reports of a racist, homophobic and anti-semitic comment left by a member of the school community on a gaming site, the school has launched an investigation to find the offender. Students brought the incident to the administration’s attention, reporting that a classmate had used offensive language toward others in a chatroom on […]

Students face consequences for disturbing AP Language exam

Students face consequences for disturbing AP Language exam

After disrupting the AP English Language and Composition exam and prompting the proctor to file an Incident Report to the College Board, over 10 students received Honor Board infractions and had their exam scores canceled. During the free response section of the exam May 16, some students began causing distractions by stomping their feet and […]

Redefining the route to success

No month is complete without an email from Chaplain James Young with the subject, “Recent honor board cases.” I’ll usually take a minute to scan through the cases, often much of the same: a copied lab report or a project two students collaborated on too much. Nothing really surprises me but I always read on. […]

24/7 School: Punishment for actions off campus

24/7 School: Punishment for actions off campus

Joe* ’18 glanced anxiously around the grocery store, his heart racing, wary of skeptical onlookers. Taking a deep breath, he placed the vodka bottle in his shopping cart, reassuring himself that it was legal. In a foreign country where the drinking age is 16, Joe said his friends promised him that drinking would make the […]

Series of lab collaborations result in honor board cases, Prefect Council warns of consequences

After three separate cases of a total of seven students collaborating on the “conclusion” section of lab reports, Prefect Council released information on recent honor board cases to help students learn from others’ mistakes. In all cases, students received a zero on the assignment, apologized to the involved teacher and were warned that future offenses […]

Prefect Council adjusts method of disclosing Honor Board case summaries

Prefect Council began posting anonymous Honor Board case summaries on the Hub on April 18. The summaries, which will be placed on class pages under the label “Communiques,” are part of an effort to increase Honor Board transparency and allow the community to learn from each others’ mistakes, Head Prefect Cate Wolfen ’17 said. The […]

Administration meets with affinity groups to discuss diversity, slur controversy

Student members of Black Leadership, Awareness and Culture Club, Gender-Sexuality Awareness Club, La Femme Club and Latin-American Students Organization met with members of the faculty and administration this afternoon to discuss the recent controversy over student use of racial and homophobic slurs and how to better promote diversity on campus. After alumni shared a Facebook […]

Letter from the staff

Letter from Prefect Council: Dear Chronicle, We appreciate your efforts to bring more transparency to the admittedly mysterious Honor Board process, but unfortunately we believe the article “Honor Board” published on November 22nd, 2016 only served to muddy the waters further. As such, we feel we need to set the record straight and hopefully shed […]