Abort Mission: Newest Abortion Laws

Abort Mission: Newest Abortion Laws

After realizing that the guy she had just had sex with didn’t use a condom, Piper* ’20 had to take Plan B One-Step. The emergency contraception kept Piper from facing an unwanted pregnancy, but under the anti-abortion bills that are being passed in states throughout the country, Piper would not have the ability to have […]

Burrows ’06 directs PSA that Michelle Obama commissioned

Maggie Burrows ’06 directed a PSA in collaboration with the organization When We All Vote, whose co-chair Michelle Obama commissioned the announcement Oct. 3. The PSA highlighted youth from various backgrounds to highlight the importance of respecting individual voices and taking the time to register to vote. When We All Vote is a not-for-profit organization […]

Senior goes to state in debate competition

By Ariane Lange Debate team captain Greer Feick ’07 is going to the state debate competition held April 20 through 22, after winning first place in a state qualifying debate tournament. Feick was undefeated for seven rounds the weekend of March 3 at the qualifying tournament at Chaminade High School run by the National Forensic […]