The value of the humanities

The value of the humanities

It’s Thanksgiving. Distant relatives, now reunited, scoop sweet potatoes onto paper plates and slather gravy on slices of turkey. They dance around each other, moving from one trivial conversation to the next. Finally, the question arrives: What do you want to be when you grow up? Looking down at our feet, we consider saying artist, […]

Off Balance

Off Balance

Paging through the curriculum guide the spring before freshman year, Diego Ayala ‘18 was disappointed with what he found. Ayala, who said he prefers the social sciences, couldn’t sign up for honors classes in his favorite field. He initially signed up for Geometry Honors and Biology Honors, but regular courses in both history and English. […]

Provide more opportunities for the study of humanities

I did not spend my summer working in a lab at UCLA, but that doesn’t mean what I did with my time was worthless. If you’re passionate about the sciences and you work as a research assistant, that’s fantastic. Every summer, my classmates are injecting rats’ eyeballs at USC or in an internship program at […]

Support system

Every Monday at 5:15 p.m., 250 sophomores, juniors and seniors fill up Chalmers awaiting the pizza and soda that have become a trademark of the Upper School Peer Support program. After 30 minutes of slurping, gulping and chewing, the students meet in their designated classrooms to begin group. Peer Support, or “group”, was created in […]

Kutler Center construction could begin by summer break

By Daniel Rothberg Construction of the Kutler Center could begin at the end of the school year, Director of Campus Operations JD DeMatté said. The targeted opening date for the Kutler Center and renovated library is Jan. 25, 2012. After receiving approval from the Board of Trustees earlier this month and other permits from the […]

Peer Support leaders speak to sophomores

By Marni Barta Throughout the last two weeks of March, Peer Support leaders have been and will continue to speak to Choices and Challenges classes, covering issues concerning academics and social situations. Counselor and humanities teacher Luba Bek prepared them during a Peer Support class.