Photography, video art students attend storytelling trip

Photography and video art students attended a four day HWGo! storytelling trip focused on exploring bodies of water in Southern California. Students were able to visit the Salton Sea and surrounding towns, chaperoned by visual arts teacher Jesse Chehak and visual arts substitute Reb Limerick. According to Limerick, HWGo! trips are planned to raise more […]

Alex Daum ’20 studies Jewish community in Spain

Latin American and Iberian Studies Fellowship recipient Alex Daum ’20 researched the history and present-day societal status of the Jewish community in Spain by traveling to six different cities: Madrid, Toledo, Granada, Córdoba, Girona and Barcelona. Daum said he initially contacted those in the Spanish-Jewish community with connections to his Synagogue in Los Angeles. He […]

Otis Gordon ’20 studies the art of Japanese Bonsai

Otis Gordon ’20, a recipient of the Asia Initiative Fellowship, traveled to Japan for three weeks to study of the art and culture of Japanese Bonsai. During his trip, Gordon visited Osaka, Takamatsu and Tokyo, where he visited a temple and meditated with a monk. “He taught me this type of meditation called Zazen meditation, […]

Scarlett Strasberg ’20 receives fellowship to research Chinese film industry

Scarlett Strasberg ’20 traveled to Shanghai, China to research the development of China’s film industry after receiving the HWGo! Asia Initiative Fellowship. Strasberg attended a filmmaking camp run by the Shanghai University Film Academy, where she interviewed members of the entertainment industry. She also took a short trip to Hangzhou and watched several plays.“Despite the […]

Faculty explores Chinese culture and history

Faculty explores Chinese culture and history

As a part of the fifth annual Summer Faculty Fellowship Program, 20 faculty members traveled to various locations in China to explore the country’s history and cuisine from June 10 to 20. Director of Kutler Center and Summer Programs Jim Patterson said that there were multiple considerations that the group factored in when they chose […]

Students create films, study culture in Laos

Students create films, study culture in Laos

Students traveled to Laos over spring break as part of an HWGO! Digital Storytelling trip. Planned in collaboration with Peace Works Travel, the trip allowed student to experience Southeast Asian culture, learn about the country’s history and tell locals’ stories through both film and photography. “My photography teacher recommended [the trip] to me because it […]

Eugean Choi ’21 travels to Bolivia for fellowship

After researching South American culture and healing practices, Staff Writer and Layout Assistant Eugean Choi ’21 traveled to Bolivia to meet the healer Kallawaya, the witch doctors of Charazani, Bolivia. As part of the fellowship, Choi interviewed a fortune teller Kallawaya in La Paz but said that she was unable to find the witch doctors […]

Lucy Kim ’19 studies political uprisings in South Korea

In an effort to discover South Korea’s history and learn more about the culture that her family grew up in, Lucy Kim ’19 traveledmet Na Kyung Taek, a famous photographer who risked his life to take photos of the Gwangju Uprising, and interviewed Spokesperson Kim Hyun, who was a major figure for the Democratic Party […]

Zane Grenoble ’19 retraces path of Spanish Reconquista

Combining his interests in world history, poetry, the Spanish language and cycling, Zane Grenoble ’19 traveled to southern Spain to retrace the path of Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar’s victories over the moors during the Reconquista. Grenoble, traveling alone, cycled roughly 200 miles from Albarracín and to Albufera over nine days following Vivar’s conquest. Vivar, also […]

Andie Cook ’19 studies the history of Kibbutz

Andie Cook ’19 traveled to Israel to study the history of the Kibbutz, an agricultural community, after receiving the HWGo! Junior Summer Fellowship. Cook chose to visit Israel in order to connect with her Jewish ancestors, who created the Kibbutz, she said. Cook also saw Jerusalem during her trip and said she noticed a distinct difference […]