Candidate Statement: Henry Woody '13

1. For what position are you running? Senior Prefect 2. What makes you feel that you are qualified for the position? Please describe any leadership experiences you’ve had, if applicable. In my opinion, I have pretty good ideas often enough and I think that I could think of ways to help improve the school or […]

Understanding the subtleties of the Honor Code

By Judd Liebman Waiting outside her first period class, a girl frantically skims her English book. Her friend, in the same English class, has the same problem: they sense an English quiz coming, and neither of them has read. The girl tries to condense the assignment into a 10-minute period before she has to go […]

Move attendance online

It’s 2009, people. Tacking up multiple pieces of paper on a bulletin board is not only old school, but wasteful when everyone is talking about “going green.” Students would all benefit enormously from an online resource for checking attendance.  Upper School Attendance Coordinator Gabriel Preciado said many students fall into detention because they forget to […]

Prefect Statement: A.J. Sugarman

A.J. Sugarman Why do you think you should be Head Prefect? I should be Head Prefect because I can ably and convincingly represent the needs of the students before the administration. I not only understand the needs and wants of my peers but can also convince the administration to listen to them. I am up […]