New Pokémon Go App Is A Summer Trend

New Pokémon Go App Is A Summer Trend

When Assistant to the Head of Upper School Michelle Bracken received a call from her sister-in-law, she was expecting a casual chat about family and friends, she said. Instead, her sister-in-law informed Bracken that her nephew had been robbed at gunpoint while catching Pokemon. Bracken’s nephew had been Pokemon hunting in North Hollywood with a […]

Waze Around It

Waze Around It

Rachel Persky ’15 rushes out the door and into her car to drive to her friend’s beach house, pulling up the navigation app Waze on her iPhone. She is running 10 minutes late and is stressed that she will not be on time. Quickly, she types in the address of the house and is surprised […]

Hold the phone

It is halfway through the period when Rosie* slides her black iPhone out of her  Jansport backback. She turns the volume off and lowers the brightness so the light from the screen doesn’t illuminate her face. After glancing up at her teacher she quickly reads and replies to a text before discretely slipping the phone […]

Driving Distracted

By Megan Ward Jenna* was cruising to school for the first time in her brand new Volkswagen Jetta, taking a new route, when her built-in GPS stopped working. Instead of pulling over, she took out her phone to check a map on her iPhone. As she was driving downhill, picking up speed, she didn’t realize […]

Middle school news magazine wins Best of Show at convention

By Claire Goldsmith The Spectrum won the Best of Show award for junior high newspapers at the National Scholastic Press Association’s Spring Convention in Seattle April 12-15. Adviser and English teacher Steve Chae and history teacher Karen Fukushima took eight students to the convention. Several received individual awards in the Journalism Education Association’s Middle School […]

8th grader releases app, donates profit to researcher

By Michael Rothberg Cameron Cohen ’16 released his second iPhone application, AnimalGrams, in December 2011. He is currently donating a portion of the profits to fund pediatric oncologist Dr. Noah Federman at UCLA. AnimalGrams, a play on the word “anagrams,” is a word game for Apple’s iOS operating system. The goal of the application is […]

Improvements come with distractions

By Eli Haims Consider the technology that we considered to be cutting edge just five years ago. The iPhone had just begun development, the MacBook was introduced and the Wii was released. In five years, the iPhone has gone through four redesigns and eight models of the MacBook have been on the market. Now imagine […]

Computer Science Club competes for $1 million prize

By Claire Hong A $1 million prize will be awarded to the person who can create a program replicating the board game Go, where the computer can beat a human player. Members of the Computer Science Club have been working on creating this program since the beginning of the last school year. The club’s president, […]

All’s a-twitter

By Derek Schlom Bobby Kazimiroff ’09 is being followed. Forty-two people are acutely aware of his activities all day, every day. For instance, they know that on April 20 his breakfast consisted of coffee and a Jamba Juice smoothie. They know that his internet signal that day was not at full capacity. They know that […]


By Lauren Seo With four iPhone applications under his belt and one more pending, Ian Cinnamon ’10 has taken his love for programming to the bank. One of his more successful creations is CarFinder. “It’ll subtract your current location from the location of your car, and then it’ll tell you north, east, west, or if […]