Tune back in: ignorance often isn’t bliss

In the past month, there have been a seemingly unprecedented amount of natural disasters, political turmoil and a tragic shooting in Las Vegas. When faced with a flood of information every day, there’s no choice but to think about how to process and respond to it. Too often, we ignore important news if we’re bored […]

Bookstores go paperless, use electronic checkout

By Elizabeth Madden The middle school and the upper school bookstores have updated their checkout system to be completely electronic. The change was brought on by a desire to be more “green,” according to bookstore manager Irma Hernandez. “I think [the system] is working really well,” Hernandez said. “It’s definitely had a tremendous effect on […]

Aspiring actor helms new lending library

By Annie Dreyer People used to ask Allie Costa if there were any books she hadn’t read. “Yeah, that one over there in Russian,” she would respond grudgingly. This is not good enough for Costa. Ever since she was two years old and started reading, she has always dreamed of having a bookstore in which […]