Andie Cook ’19 studies the history of Kibbutz

Andie Cook ’19 traveled to Israel to study the history of the Kibbutz, an agricultural community, after receiving the HWGo! Junior Summer Fellowship. Cook chose to visit Israel in order to connect with her Jewish ancestors, who created the Kibbutz, she said. Cook also saw Jerusalem during her trip and said she noticed a distinct difference […]

Seeing past polarization

I can’t often point to a singular experience that informed a moment of clarity in my life, but when my sister FaceTimed me as she packed up her dorm room after finishing her last final of her freshman year in college, she told me a story that did exactly that. Sitting on a bare mattress, […]

Students celebrate Israel’s 70th birthday, remember the Holocaust at annual March of the Living trip

Students celebrate Israel’s 70th birthday, remember the Holocaust at annual March of the Living trip

Visiting Poland and Israel to study the history of the Holocaust and examine the roots of prejudice, intolerance and hatred, a group of seniors participated in the annual March of the Living program April 8-23. The program inspires participants, including Jewish teens and adults, Holocaust survivors and individuals of diverse faiths and backgrounds, to fight […]

Reception to take place for Israel Trip

The school will hold a reception on Oct. 6 to thank the benefactors who sent 18 teachers on the faculty Israel trip this past summer in the Feldman-Horn Gallery . The immersion trip, which was sponsored by the school’s Gunter-Gross Global Fund, spanned from June 13 to 27. Despite political tensions in Israel, the group […]

Faculty visits Israel for immersion program

Faculty visits Israel for immersion program

Sixteen faculty members traveled to Israel on an Immersion Faculty Fellowship June 13-27. The school’s Gunter Gross Global Fund sponsored the trip and provided faculty with the opportunity to study abroad. History teacher and trip leader Larry Klein said there was no notable impact from the current political state of Israel on their trip. Traveling […]

Teachers to visit Israel amidst political strife

Faculty members will have the opportunity June 13-27 to travel to Israel in the face of political conflict in the Middle East as part of an Immersion Faculty Fellowship. The program is sponsored by the school’s Gunter Gross Global Fund. One of the trip organizers, history teacher Dror Yaron, said he is not worried about […]

Watching the news unfold

Every time he heard warning sirens, Judd Liebman ’12 calmly made his way to the fortified safe room in the Tel Aviv building where he was working. In northern Israeli cities including Tel Aviv, the warning meant people had 90 seconds to get to safety before a rocket might land. “There were sirens two to […]

David Hoffman: Jordan/Israel

David Hoffman ’13 traveled to Jordan and Israel as part of his Junior Fellowship this summer. In Jordan, Hoffman took classes at the University of Jordan. The primary goal of his trip was to interview students on their opinions of the monarchical government ruling Jordan. Hoffman got a chance to hear the opinions of Jordanian […]