A Wish Unfulfilled…

I watched the Cum Laude induction ceremony a week and a half ago. I had a lot of friends being honored and I wanted to be there for them. However, I still ended up watching from the tech booth, removed from the audience in a small soundproof box at the back of Rugby auditorium. I […]

Alumnus speaks to cinema studies classes

Max Baril ’06 spoke to two cinema studies classes Friday about the ways villains have been portrayed in superhero movies after the attacks on 9/11. Baril has a bachelors degree in Film Critical Studies from USC and a masters in Cinema Studies from NYU. Baril spoke about how villains in the modern blockbuster “DC” and […]

Gifted Teachers

Gifted Teachers

Upper School Dean Sharon Cuseo found a gift from a student sitting on her desk. It was a beautiful textile with an intricate pattern made from gorgeous materials. Cuseo wrapped it around herself like a shawl and walked around with it draped over her outfit. Several days later, when she talked to the student who […]

HW Works to hold internship workshop

HW Works will host its third annual internship workshop with various speakers instructing students on how to write resumes, succeed in interviews and find internships. The workshop will be held after school March 18 in the Kutler Center. Speakers will include Joe Cha ’87, President of  integrated media company Hipzone, Upper School Dean Beth Slattery, […]

Barking Up the Money Tree

Barking Up the Money Tree

With a $36.4 billion endowment, Harvard University is so rich that it doesn’t need to consider applicants’ financial situations when admitting them. The university promises to meet 100 percent of any student’s demonstrated need and make it possible for them to graduate debt-free. A few years ago, Harvard also committed to paying 100 percent of […]

Puppies make second appearance to help students fight stress

Puppies helped midterm assessment test-takers alleviate stress again Thursday, courtesy of the Prefect Council. The puppies were brought through a company called “Puppies and Reptiles for Parties” that has done similar events for Chapman University and other Los Angeles colleges. Research shows that the dogs help mitigate stress for students. “We wanted to do it between […]

In Good Company

Seven hours. That’s all. After 17 hours of rehearsal per week for two months, that’s all you have to show what you’ve done: three performances totaling a little more than seven hours. Auditions began for the musical “Company” two months ago, but for some it was even earlier. I rehearsed for two weeks for my […]

Facebook Facade

Last year, University of Michigan freshman Jonathan Felker ’14 changed his Facebook name to “nutsackface.’’ It was part of a tradition where seniors change their Facebook names to a pun or a joke so colleges can’t find their postings. For Felker, the tradition backfired. “My dean was emailed by a college, alerting him about my […]

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