English department head takes leave of absence

By Saj Sri-Kumar Upper School English Department Head Laurence Weber is currently taking a leave of absence due to the birth of his daughter, who was born last week. While he is away, Weber’s classes are being taught by novelist Darcy Cosper, who previously taught at Harvard-Westlake after the mid-year departure of English teacher Eric […]

Actor, producer visits Shakespeare elective

By Mary-Rose Fissinger Co-founder and managing director of the Independent Shakespeare Company David Melville spoke to Jocelyn Medawar’s Shakespeare class on Thursday, March 18. He told the class of his experience acting in and producing Shakespeare’s plays. This summer, ISC is moving to Griffith Park, where they will perform “Othello” and “Much Ado about Nothing” […]

Through the looking glass

By Alexia Boyarsky When asked to describe their department in five words, the English teachers have some trouble. “It’s amusing that of all people, we can’t come up with five words,” English teacher Jocelyn Medawar-Turner jokes. Medawar described the English department as “slightly loopy” and “dysfunctional.” “But all good families are,” she adds. After that […]

Actor visits Shakespeare class, returns for encore

By Nicki Resnikoff Actor Marc Singer (Phoebe ’09) spoke to English teacher Jocelyn Medawar’s Shakespeare class on Thursday and Friday of last week. The class read “The Taming of the Shrew” and had just watched a film with Singer starring as Petruchio. He read scenes from plays and answered questions. Singer surprised the class by […]