School launches online application

By Alec Caso A new online application has become available for students wishing to apply to Harvard-Westlake. In lieu of sending applications to potential students, the school now has an online application that will take the place of the paper version. The enrollment process has also been incorporated into the online program. The program has […]

Enter the Didax

By Nikila Sri-Kumar Alan Homan is wearing pants. A conceptual diagram of Didax, the administrative program he helped launch in July 2004, hangs above his desk, but it is a drawing of Captain Underpants and a clothed man by his son Joel, then 7, that gives the Senior Software Engineer the most useful instruction every […]

6 new staff start work at Upper School

By Derek Schlom, Julie Barzilay and Marni Barta Six new staff members were hired during the summer. Allie Costa will be working at the upper school bookstore and will later transfer to the middle school bookstore. Hailing from Northern California, Costa has experience in bookselling, with a specialty in children’s literature and contemporary teen fiction. […]