Deadline for community service requirement extended

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, Upper School Counselor Michelle Bracken and Upper School Dean of Students Jordan Church said in an email March 23  the deadline for the community service requirement has been extended to the end of the summer and no longer requires that a student directly interact with others. Bracken and Church […]

Submission of Community Service Hours up online

Students can now submit their community service hours digitally on instead of turning in community service hours forms through the Community Council’s new electronic submission system. The Council said the new page will encourage students to perform more community service, increase its presence on campus and make the process of submitting hours smoother in […]

Prefects retreat to Palm Springs

Upper School prefects attended their annual retreat Aug. 19 in Palm Springs. Junior Prefect Jaya Nayar ’20 said the goal of the retreat was to plan for the upcoming school year by setting goals and areas for improvement. One of the main goals is to ensure the effectiveness of Prefect Council and their ability to […]

Disciplinary process to be streamlined

As part of his increased duties this year, Upper School Dean of Students Jordan Church will oversee all disciplinary decisions and Honor Board cases. In the previous system, teachers or coaches could decide how to handle first offense minor infractions. Upper school deans and Head of Upper School Laura Ross also dealt with disciplinary measures […]

Students sign up for clubs at Activities Fair

Students sign up for clubs at Activities Fair

Due to overwhelming interest to lead a club this school year, only 5 new clubs had a table at the Activities Fair, held on Monday at break.   “We want active organizations that have enough members to make a difference and to achieve the goals that they stated in their club charter,” Director of Student […]

Community Council travels to Anaheim for first annual retreat

Community Council members travelled to Anaheim for a two-day retreat to bond and discuss the upcoming year. Chaplain J. Young said that he and Director of Student Affairs Jordan Church decided to host the retreat for the first time to foster a cohesive environment among the students. “The Community Council plays a vital role in […]

Students participate in third annual Unconvention

Students participate in third annual Unconvention

Students from the greater Los Angeles area took part in team-building group exercises March 12 at the third annual “Unconvention,” a student-led leadership conference at the Upper School where the co-founder of Riot Games, a gaming company that created the PC game League of Legends, Brandon Beck ’00 shared his experiences in forming his company. Beck spoke […]

Class to hold leadership conference

Students from the Unconventional Leadership class will participate in the third annual leadership convention called “The Unconvention” on the upper school campus Saturday. Students in the class will also have the opportunity to invite peers perceived as leaders to join attendees from other Los Angeles area high schools including Palisades Charter, Marlborough, Marymount, Oakwood, Windward […]

Students create leadership workshop

The Unconventional Leadership class, taught by director of student affairs Jordan Church, held its culminating event, a 68-student convention about leadership called “Unconvention,” March 7. Each student in the class invited five Harvard-Westlake students to attend, as well as students from Flintridge Prep and Providence High School. Students split into groups of 10 to 12 […]

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