My Path to Confidence

Seventh grade is an unfortunate year. Nervous 12-year-olds flooded onto the middle school campus in all their pre-pubescent glory, desperate to find a place at their new school. Almost six years ago, I was one of those seventh graders, embarrassingly awkward and self-conscious as I attempted to settle down with new classmates and to navigate […]

Taking the High Road

Taking the High Road

As Sophia* drove down her street on the way to a party, her excitement gradually turned into paranoia. It took a conscious effort for her to focus on the road, and the laughter of her three friends became distracting rather than encouraging. After only a few minutes, she decided to pull over. “While I was […]

School may provide faculty measles vaccine

As a child, science teacher Walt Werner contracted the measles. As an adult, Werner developed non-Hodgkins lymphoma and took a five-month medical leave last year to undergo treatment, which included chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant. During Werner’s chemotherapy treatment, doctors targeted cancer cells, which, because of the type of cancer Werner had, meant intentionally […]

Weathering the Storms

As Matt Karo ’14 prepared to leave his dorm room at Columbia University for baseball practice, he and his teammates received an e-mail from their coach notifying them that practice was canceled. The 20-degree weather and fierce winds of mid-November in New York City had forced the players to remain indoors. “I’ve never had that […]

Appreciate your teachers

The last issue of the Chronicle each year includes a senior supplement, and within the supplement, senior columns. Usually, the writers either reminisce about significant aspects of their high school careers, or they nervously speculate about the uncertain future. When I found out about these columns at the end of my sophomore year, I knew […]

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