Why isn't African history taught in history class?

By Alex McNab If black people are African-Americans, why does black history start when we were stolen from Africa? I began asking myself this question last December when I first picked up a copy of “Africana: The Encyclopedia of the African and African American Experience.” This book, edited by Harvard University professors Kwame Anthony Appiah […]

Fac Brat Pack

  By Jordan Gavens and Lara Sokoloff When some parents drive their children to school, they drop them off at the entrance, tell them to have a great day and then drive away. Yet, while some students are getting their backpacks out of the trunk, their parents are grabbing briefcases full of tests, quizzes and […]

'The Day Jack Played'

By Dana Glaser Let me introduce you to my little brother, Jake: Jake started 7th grade this year, he’s half my height, wears glasses, plays the guitar and can solve a Rubics cube faster than anyone I know. In the past year I’ve noticed symptoms of living vicariously through my 12-year-old brother: When the class […]

35 paint mural at elementary school for community service

By Hana Al-Henaid Approximately 35 students and two faculty chaperones helped students at Broadway Elementary school paint a mural on May 16. The event was organized by Jackie Feiler ’10 and Jaqui Lee ’10 with help from the Community Council. Although the event was organized by Feiler and Lee, neither of whom are Community Council […]

FAC delays midterms for inauguration

By Annie Belfield The history midterms scheduled for the morning of Jan. 20 have been pushed back one hour and fifteen minutes to enable students and faculty to watch President-Elect Barack Obama’s inaugural address. The proposal was passed by the joint Middle School and Upper School Faculty Advisory Committee after being presented by Head of […]

Art History Students Visit Norton Simon Museum of Art

By: Susan Nussbaum  Students in The History and Art of Modern Europe and World walked around the Norton Simon Museum of Art trying to guess the artist of each painting using the themes, colors and styles that they have associated with the major artists throughout the year, on a field trip March 5.   The 42 […]

Teacher was €˜abundantly cheerful

By Ariane Lange   Carl Wilson was remembered as a gracious and wickedly witty man at his memorial service in the St. Saviour’s Chapel Feb. 2. Friends of the art teacher, who retired in 2006 after 36 years at the school, crowded into the pews, and some were forced to stand in the back as […]

Dress to distress

By Annie Dreyer  Though it occurred some years ago, history teacher Nini Halkett still remembers sitting in the lower part of the lunch area and glancing towards the top half when she saw a girl wearing a particularly short skirt. The student scratched her “hip” and her skirt hitched up enough that “I could see […]