Prepare to endure the unexpected

We are prepared not to be prepared. In many ways, Harvard-Westlake is a gauntlet. Over the course of high school, Harvard-Westlake has thrown many challenges our way, and whether we like it our not, we are left with no choice but to stay on our toes and endure. Whether we come out running, sprinting or […]

131 students visit Stanley Kubrick exhibit on field trip to LACMA

A total of 131 students went to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art March 5 to see an exhibit on filmmaker Stanley Kubrick. The field trip was offered to students in Video Art, Cinema Studies, Directed Studies in Cinema and Philosophy in Art and Science because “in one way or another, they had all […]

Director says failures lead to success

Writer, director and producer Nick Stoller credited his breakthrough in comedy directing to a failed show that put him into contact with the right people, in an appearance with four-time Oscar nominated director Jason Reitman ’95 in Ahmanson Lecture Hall on Dec. 11. The sit-down was conducted as part of a five-year running series with […]

The Skipping-Breakfast Club

Breakfast literally means breaking the fast (the fast being the time when you were sleeping), and is cited by nutritionists, dieticians and doctors as being important in resupplying the body with the necessary nutrients. However, some students say that the pressures of school work coupled with the early-morning rush to get to school makes breakfast […]

All-Community Read author talks to Middle School about writing 'Ender's Game'

Orson Scott Card, author of the award-winning science fiction novel “Ender’s Game,” spoke to students and faculty at the Middle School Sept. 24 as part of the All-Community Read, a program which encouraged students and faculty to read his book over the summer. At the assembly, Card shared his passion for history and Winston Churchill. […]