Students create films, study culture in Laos

Students create films, study culture in Laos

Students traveled to Laos over spring break as part of an HWGO! Digital Storytelling trip. Planned in collaboration with Peace Works Travel, the trip allowed student to experience Southeast Asian culture, learn about the country’s history and tell locals’ stories through both film and photography. “My photography teacher recommended [the trip] to me because it […]

Filmmaking trip to go to Cuba

Information about an eight-day documentary film-making trip to Cuba during semester break will be presented Sept. 18 at 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. The trip is open to 20 students. Officially titled “Digital Storytelling Adventure: Cuba”, pre-trip preparations will include “webinars”, which help participating students understand the historical context and socio-political significance of Cuba. Students […]

Students screen Laos documentaries

Students who travelled to Laos last spring break screened documentaries Thursday night that they created showcasing the impact of the secret bombings in Laos by the United States during the Vietnam War. The footage used in the films was acquired last spring, when a group of 12 students traveled to Laos. The trip was led […]

Students to screen Laos documentaries

Six documentaries made by students who traveled to Laos last spring break will be screened in Ahmanson Lecture Hall Oct. 24. The documentaries focus on the victims of unexploded ordinance left in Laos after the Vietnam War. The Say No to UXO Club is organizing the event, including the silent auction that will take place […]

‘He gave me the most heartfelt smile’

On the second day in Vientiane, it was scorching hot, and the humidity did not help.  We visited COPE, a non-profit organization that provides prosthetic limbs for Laotian citizens. The entire group was interviewing a young man who had lost both of his legs, arms and his eyesight from a UXO bomb, while I was […]

‘We could see a lot of pockmarks in the ground – bomb craters’

This was my first time out of the country without my parents, and my first time in Southeast Asia. I had been to Mexico to do charity work, but then I could run to my mother whenever something different from normal life in the bubble that is America scared me. We had even packed Korean […]

Films to depict Laotian suffering

Ten students who took an investigative journalism trip to Laos during spring break are making six documentaries about the impact of the Vietnam War on the Laotian people. Visual Arts Department Head Cheri Gaulke held a story-writing workshop on Saturday with new media journalist Jeff MacIntyre, who went with them on the trip. They intend […]

Students to build houses, visit Laos

One group of students will travel to New Orleans for community service and another to Laos, where students will develop their video-making skills, over spring break. Eleven students led by middle school history teacher George Gaskin and upper school yearbook adviser Jen Bladen will build houses with Habitat for Humanity to help Hurricane Katrina victims […]