Proud to be a Wolverine

As part of the annual Senior Transition Day, the school organized a screening of “The Hunting Ground,” a shocking documentary about sexual assault on college campuses nationwide, produced by parent Amy Ziering (Hannah Kofman ’14, Emma Kofman ’16). Having seen this film once before, along with a question and answer panel with three of the […]

Living in the present

It is only natural to want a change of pace: to experience new things, try different foods and embark on adventures. More often than not, this desire to break with the monotony of our daily lives can be a great thing. However, when we allow ourselves, as I have, to become dissatisfied with the present […]

Talking It Over

Camden* ’15 walks over to the brown couch and sits blankly for about a minute. He observes the scenic paintings on the walls and takes note of the five tissue boxes dispersed around the room. The silence is not awkward but instead a comforting stillness. Camden engages in small talk with the kind, wiry man […]

Reacting to Ferguson

Michael Brown, an unarmed, black 18-year-old, was shot to death by a white police officer, Darren Wilson, on Aug. 9 in Ferguson, Missouri. Police allege Brown stole a box of cigars from a local convenience store, but Brown was actually stopped for jaywalking. The facts of the encounter between Wilson and Brown are in dispute, […]

All access summers

Finding her inner peace Ahimsa, non-violence. Santosha, contentment. Asteya, non-stealing. These are just three of the eight virtues in yoga that Trishta Dordi ’15 used to shape her life during the summer. “It takes dedication,” Dordi said. “Throughout the whole training, they said that whatever you give to this training is what you get out […]

A Family Affair

Emma, You have a birthday on Aug. 5, and you are from Zhanjiang in the Guangdong Province of China. While we don’t know for sure what happened, I believe that your birth mother must have cared about you very much, but she couldn’t take care of a child as she wanted to. She kept you […]

The News Fanatics

“I am a news fanatic,” history teacher Dror Yaron said shaking his head. “I probably spend too much time keeping up with news. The more you know, the more confusing it is, the more frustrating it is.” Yaron spends a lot of his time looking at a multiplicity of sources in an effort to form […]

National team setter speaks to squad

Three-time Olympic volleyball player Lindsey Napela Berg visited the varsity volleyball team to stress the importance of teamwork and discuss the difficulties of being a woman in the spotlight. “It was absolutely incredibly meeting Lindsey. I think we are all very motivated now going into playoffs after our Q&A with her,” setter Nicole Elattrache ’14 […]

Science teacher takes leave of absence

Upper school science teacher Walt Werner has taken a medical leave after being diagnosed this past June with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer of the lymph tissue. Doctors are confident that he will be in the hospital for a stem cell transplant within a month. The school has been very supportive and Werner hopes to be […]

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