Latin students visit Getty Villa

Latin students visit Getty Villa

A group of approximately 30 students and teachers from Latin levels IA to III Honors visited the Getty Villa in Malibu during a field trip Oct. 26. “The Getty Villa is like this ancient treasure trove in the middle of Malibu, and visiting is always such an amazing and immersive experience,” Latin III Honors student […]

6 members of JCL club head to regional qualifier

By Morganne Ramsey Six members of the Junior Classical League will compete at a Certamen qualifier on March 3 at the Polytechnic School in Pasadena. Certamen is a team trivia competition that includes questions on a variety of topics such as Latin grammar and Greco-Roman mythology, JCL advisor and Latin teacher Derek Wilairat said. If […]

Latin students win awards at regional JCL convention

By Keane Muraoka-Robertson Twenty-four members of the Junior Classical League won prizes at the Southern California Regional Amici Madness Convention on Nov. 20. Latin students took part in various academic and athletic competitions. The Junior Classical League club is run by Latin teachers Derek Wilairat and Moss Pike. SCRAM is a regional convention held every […]

Junior heads California Junior Classical League

By Katherine Hong Sean Kesluk ’09 was selected to be the vice president of the Junior Classical League in California. He was initially recruited in seventh grade by a fellow Mirman alumnus. Kesluk participated in the national convention last summer. “I am in charge of the people at nationals, run California’s participation in the ‘Spirit […]