State halts high-speed railroad plan

With roughly 120 miles of track already under construction in the Central Valley of California, Governor Gavin Newsom decided to halt plans to build a high-speed railroad that would have spanned from Los Angeles to San Francisco. “The project, as currently planned, would cost too much and take too long,” Newsom said during his first […]

Storm systems cause heavy rains, snow

Drenched from the pounding rain, Daniel Arriaza ’19 stood on the corner of Halkirk and Coldwater Canyon, staring in disbelief at the flood of water rushing down the street before him. With only five minutes until the start of first period and seemingly no alternative solution, Arriaza rolled his pants up to his knees, removed […]

Project Coordinator speaks to La Femme

Project Coordinator speaks to La Femme

Jasmine Elbarbary, a Project Coordinator for the City of Los Angeles, spoke to La Femme Monday to educate students with the skills needed to run for public office and to discuss the youth programs that the city offers. Elbarbary, who works in the Department of Neighborhood and Empowerment, told students about two programs: Civic Youth […]

Admissions director weds former mayor

Former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan married Director of Admission Elizabeth Gregory on Feb. 19 after a three-month engagement. Riordan was the 39th Mayor of Los Angeles from 1993 to 2001 and served as Secretary of Education under Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is also a businessman and founder of the Riordan Foundation that was started […]

Seeking Safety: Students and Teachers Reflect on Syrian Refugee Crisis

Seeking Safety: Students and Teachers Reflect on Syrian Refugee Crisis

Only hours after signing a contract with their landlord, Fadia Afashe and her husband Jay Abdo lay shivering on the floor of their new apartment that they had found on Craigslist. Beside them stood two suitcases, surrounded by blank walls and empty rooms. Unfamiliar with the heating system and with nobody to contact for help, […]

Students run marathon in extreme heat

Students ran through extreme heat conditions in the 26.2-mile Los Angeles Marathon on Sunday, March 15. To avoid high temperatures, the marathon’s start time was pushed back 30 minutes, beginning at 6:55 a.m. “Extreme heat poses a serious threat to runners” marathon trainer James Van said. “Participants need to run at a slower pace and […]