Movie Night

Judges selected 25 films to be screened at the 11th annual Harvard-Westlake Film Festival March 14 at the Arclight Cinerama Dome in Hollywood. Tickets will be free and will be available at the door of the event. Each film is under 10 minutes, and a guest speaker is soon to be announced by the film […]

Driving Dangerously

As the end of the school day rolls around, Susie* ’14 and her two friends head towards the school parking lot, piling into her gray Jetta after an argument over who called “shotgun” first. They roll down their windows as they pull out of the school driveway, unconcerned with the driving law that they are […]

Hold the phone

It is halfway through the period when Rosie* slides her black iPhone out of her  Jansport backback. She turns the volume off and lowers the brightness so the light from the screen doesn’t illuminate her face. After glancing up at her teacher she quickly reads and replies to a text before discretely slipping the phone […]

Don’t worry, be happy, wear stickers

Maddie Lear ’13 and Mariel Brunman ’13 started the Happiness Club to brighten students’ days through fun and unique events. “Our purpose is to do random, awesome things that make people around campus happy,” Lear said. Lear came up with the idea during a college tour last spring, where she was inspired by Northwestern University’s […]

Crank up the volume

Examining and analyzing the popular drama, the Breaking Down “Breaking Bad” club is among the new clubs on campus this year. Oliver Goodman-Waters ’14 founded the club with Alexander Thal ’14 and Jack Goldfisher ’14 as fellow club presidents and English Teacher Isaac Laskin as their faculty sponsor. The club is based on the television […]