Prefect council hosts third annual March Madness tournament

Prefect council hosts third annual March Madness tournament

Students competed in the third annual March Madness tournament, a series of three-on-three basketball matches, during break today. Team “Splash Bros,” which included Griffin York ’19, Kenneth Lee ’19 and Michael Snyder ’19, beat team “Bd and Friends” to win the tournament. Prefect Jaya Nayar ’20 said that Prefect Council enjoys organizing these events for […]

Students compete in March Madness tournament

Prefect Council hosted the second annual March Madness Basketball Tournament on Monday in Taper Gym. 16 teams, each made of 3-4 students, competed in a bracket prepared by the Prefect Council days prior. The gym was sectioned off into four different courts, as different matches took place simultaneously. Team GYGR, including Nevin Sanitsky ’18, Mason […]

Students shoot hoops in March Madness tournament

Students shoot hoops in March Madness tournament

To commemorate March Madness, Prefect Council hosted the school’s own basketball tournament in Taper Gym on Monday during Activities. The winning team, Team BBS, was made up of Ali Iken ’17, Josh Lyons ’17, Dustin Jones ’17 and Quinton Simmonds ’17. The tournament consisted of 16 teams, with each ranging from 2 to 4 players. “When we […]

Pie throwing, Community Service Week highlight assembly (video)

Pie throwing, Community Service Week highlight assembly (video)

Students throwing pies at Head of School Audrius Barzdukas, as well as announcements about March Madness and the Community Service Week and the Festival of Spring highlighted Wednesday’s assembly. La Femme leaders selected Wolfgang Novogratz ’16 and Rasa Barzdukas ’17 to throw pies at Audrius Barzdukas to celebrate that the club reached a fundraising goal […]

School to hold week-long service opportunities

Prefect Council and Community Council will combine Community Service Week and the screening of March Madness March 14-18. A community service fair during break will take place on the quad Monday. Representatives of non-profit organizations will speak with students about upcoming events and ways to get involved. During class meetings, students will take part in […]

Robot to predict March Madness results

Students who wish to compete against the NCAA Basketball Predictor Bot can turn in their brackets online at ESPN’s NCAA” Bracketology” site by going on and using the link to or by using the link emailed to all students by Prefect Council March 16. All submissions are due tomorrow. At break March 17, […]

Students develop bracket prediction software robot

A group of students are working with the Math Department to develop the NCAA Basketball Predictor Bot to predict the results of the March Madness tournament using statistics and sports analysis. The Math Department will also challenge all students to attempt to create a more accurate tournament bracket than the Bot in a school-wide Bracketology […]

Prefect Council kicks off March Madness challenge

Competition in the Prefect Council-sponsored March Madness bracket challenge began yesterday. The challenge, open to students and teachers, goes through the NCAA championship game on April 8, at which point the participant whose bracket correctly predicted the most games will be declared the winner and receive a prize. According to Prefect Council, 118 people submitted […]

Students participate in March Madness contests, events set up by Prefect Council

By Saj Sri-Kumar March Madness ushered in three days of events at the Upper School last week. The events, organized by the Prefect Council in conjunction with the Student Athletic Advisory Council, aimed to involve students in the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Men’s Division I Basketball Championship, colloquially known as March Madness. A total of […]

Photo Gallery: March Madness Knockout

On Wednesday, March 16, multiple students went to Taper Gymnasium to take part in or watch the March Madness Basketball Knockout. Photos by Daniel Kim ’11