Security staff leads school in active shooter drill

Security staff leads school in active shooter drill

Security guards in tactical gear joined the rest of campus in a lockdown drill Feb. 23 to ensure that students and faculty members were aware of appropriate and secure locations in the case of an active shooter. The lockdown drill was required by an amended 2018 California law, Upper School Student Discipline and Attendance Coordinator […]

Sophomores take training in shooting scenarios

Sophomores threw tennis balls at security guard Mark Geiger as he rushed into the classroom wearing a black padded suit and wielding a mock gun last Friday at an ALICE training session. The practice drill in how to react in the case of an on-campus shooter came the day after a student opened fire at […]

10th grade course now teaches safety

Safety tips will return to the Choices and Challenges curriculum this year after a four years absence. With unmonitored access to social media, and sophomores beginning to drive, the reintroduction was deemed important by security. Security guards Jim Crawford and Mark Geiger will discuss safety both inside and outside of school. “[With] the movie theatre […]

Thieves break into student cars

By Austin Block  Burglars broke into five student vehicles parked on Coldwater Canyon Avenue just outside the Upper School during the school day on Nov. 10. Security Officer Mark Geiger said the five break-ins were the most he recollects ever occurring in one day on Coldwater. Geiger said a purse, an iPod and one other […]

Roadside manners

By Candice Navi Robert Kim ’10 was driving on Cahuenga Boulevard when he heard the sirens of a police car quickly approaching his car. He was being pulled over for speeding. Kim was polite when dealing with the officer. “I knew that most officers prefer to be addressed as ‘officer’ not ‘sir,’” Kim said. “I […]