Lieberman to continue tradition of male Scene Monkey salutatorians

Scene Monkey, actor and lacrosse player Joey Lieberman ’14 will deliver this year’s salutatory address, typically a funny and light-hearted speech, at graduation June 6. “In the letter I wrote to myself in Choices and Challenges — I just got it like three days ago — it said ‘Are you salutatorian?’ so I thought that […]

Student to work, teach, volunteer on 4 continents

Instead of traveling to New York this fall to start at Cornell University, Eojin Choi ’14 will travel to Nepal to start her gap year. Choi, who is one of the winners of this year’s Brownstein Fellowship, will spend time in four different countries over the course of her travels. In Nepal, Choi will work […]

Record number of graduates plan to attend universities abroad next fall

A record seven members of the class of 2014 will attend college abroad next year, five in the United Kingdom and two in Canada. The previous record occurred in 2004 and 2005 when five students each year chose undergraduate education abroad. Since then, the numbers have been significantly lower. Dean Jim Patterson, who handles interaction […]

Life is Goodo

I’ve written quite a few columns over the past couple of years, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing and editing most of them. There have been ones that have been done weeks ahead of our press deadline, and some that barely squeaked into the paper. For the most part, I’ve kept my writing light. I’ve written […]

Six lessons I learned at Harvard-Westlake

Of course, I left my senior column to the absolute last minute. I couldn’t decide how to turn my six years of experiences into a 500 word column that hopefully conveys something other than “it was good.” So what I’m about to write I hope you’ll find more genuine and more personal than that; here […]

Appreciate your full backpack

A few days ago, I emptied my backpack for the first time in three years. A bit too excited I completed my academic obligations, I opened the zipper and allowed everything to crash down from four feet above the ground. Unfortunately, my Spanish book landed on my stubby toe. But once my pain subsided, I […]

The Werner Thesis: an example

It seems like stress is an inevitable side effect of working hard, of setting goals and of succeeding and failing in our efforts to achieve them—a hallmark of being a student at Harvard-Westlake. At various points during the past four years, I have found myself lost in a dark hole of anxiety, desperately trying to […]

Why getting the baseball beat was the best deal I made

At the beginning of my senior year I made a bid to get the job of covering the football team for The Chronicle. Instead I made a deal with my boss Grant Nussbaum ’14 that I would get to be the beat writer for the defending national champion baseball team. It was actually better this […]

Master and Commander: Tales of a Wolverine sports editor

It’s fair to say I was a bit of a nerd in middle school. The hardcore sports fanatic and basketball player side of my identity was rivaled heavily by the video game-playing, superhero-obsessed sci-fi lover in me. Growing up with posters of the Los Angeles Lakers’ Phil Jackson, Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant juxtaposed on […]

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