Maybe I should have gone to Brentwood instead…

I almost went to Brentwood. Harvard-Westlake waitlisted me. I guess there was something on my application that made them think I wasn’t up to snuff, wasn’t good enough so that, now, in the week before graduation, I wonder whether it was all worth it, whether I should’ve gone to Brentwood and what was meant by […]

Appreciate the unexpected

During a layover in Hong Kong for a flight from India to Korea one summer, I settled down at a café with a book. After a couple of hours, I checked my ticket. The flight left at 3:45, and it was 4:30. I had missed the flight. I didn’t really panic. I definitely felt an […]

Confessions of a lifelong learner

To my future self, This is the fourth one of these that I’ve written (the first ones were in sixth, eighth and 10th grade), and the first one that other people will read. I think that’s better, though, knowing that this has to be about the important stuff, and not what my favorite show is […]

Learn from your experiences

I will spend the next four years of my life in a frigid, isolated corner of Massachusetts at a school I knew nothing about two years ago in what will certainly be the biggest transition I will have experienced in my 17 years. As I leave, I have often reflected on whether my time in […]

What should I write my column about?

I’ve been thinking about my column for weeks, and every time I had yet another panic attack about what to say, I reached out to someone I trust and love to guide me. After compiling their advice, I decided the best senior column would be theirs, a tribute to those who have made me the […]

Risk it for the biscuit

As my time at Harvard-Westlake comes to a close and I’ve had some time to reflect on my experience, I wanted to give a few tips on how to make the most out of your time here. First off, don’t get jealous. The competitive nature of the school fosters the idea that what college you […]

Words I never thought I’d say

In seventh grade, I hated it here. When I got home from school, I would research different boarding schools, searching for some perfect place where I would feel more comfortable or find a different version of myself. As I climbed up through middle school and then high school, I changed. I become more extroverted and […]

Students defeat teachers in Science Bowl scrimmage during STEMfest activities

Five seniors defeated five science teachers in a 12 minute-long Science Bowl match during STEMfest May 21. Science Bowl team members Anser Abbas ’14, Zachary Birnholz ’14, Donhem Brown ’14, Kevin Zhang ’14 and Larry Zhang ’14 and teachers Larry Axelrod, Blaise Eitner, Jesse Reiner, Wendy Van Norden and Yanni Vourgourakis ’90 played to a […]

Student raises money for school in Thailand

Pim Otero ’16 held a bake sale May 5 to raise money for an elementary school in Thailand. Otero visited the school, Bahn Nong Ku, a few months ago in northern Thailand. “It’s in a very rural part of Thailand where there isn’t a lot of electricity,” Otero said. “The next school over is several […]

Take a listen to a Harvard-Westlake mixtape

I’ve been known to give the people I love mixtapes as gifts over the years, and I thought the only fitting way for me to leave Harvard-Westlake was to dedicate a mixtape to it. So, Harvard-Westlake, this one’s for you. 1. “I’m Sticking with You” — Velvet Underground I was a new incoming sophomore at […]