I was Dumb Last Year, I will be Dumb this Year

I always think the same thing when I look back on the past: “Wow. I was kind of dumb last year.” Let’s start with sixth grade, when I was a plain dork. Then in seventh grade, I looked back on sixth grade, saw my dorkiness, and decided I had to change that by ditching my dork […]

Hi, My Name is

It was one of the last days of the sixth grade and Rebecca Katz ’15 and I were in the bathroom of our elementary school waiting to be picked up to go to the Harvard-Westlake seventh Grade Barbeque. I can perfectly remember the thrill I felt; getting accepted to Harvard-Westlake was my first dream come […]

Don't Be Afraid

“True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country.” Kurt Vonnegut supposedly said that, and once a friend of an aunt of a friend at a family gathering quoted it at me. At the time I laughed, privately decided he was an obnoxious jerk and excused […]

Team finishes winless in league play

The varsity softball team ended its season with a 0-8 league record, but is planning to build on the skills learned this year for upcoming seasons. While the young squad faced hard losses throughout the season, players were able to bond during their practices and over their defeats. Head Coach Claire Rietmann-Grout’s goal for the […]

Individual athletes go far in CIF playoffs, set school records

After a regular Mission League season in which the boys’ swimming team went 2-3 and the girls’ swimming team went 3-2, individuals on both teams went far in the CIF Southern Section Playoffs. The girls also went 4-3 overall, while the boys finished 3-4. Both the boys and girls’ teams finished 17th overall in the CIF […]

My rookie season in journalism

Even though it’s pretty generic for Chronicle writers to preach the idea of “trying something new” to the underclassmen in their final columns as high school students, joining “The Chronicle” as a senior without any journalism experience was the “something new” that I picked up, so I feel like it would be odd for me […]

Alum returns for 31st season of ‘Survivor’ in Cambodia

Alumnus Stephen Fishbach ’97 was one of the 20 former contestants on the reality show “Survivor” voted Wednesday night to return as a contestant on the show’s 31st season, “Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance,” according to a CBS entertainment press release. Fishbach was the runner-up on “Survivor: Tocantins — The Brazilian Highlands”, the show’s 18th […]

Junior debaters win top national rankings

Led by two nationally- ranked juniors, the debate team consistently earned top results this year as tournaments increased in difficulty throughout the season. Cameron Cohen ’16 and Nick Steele ’16 consistently placed in the top five juniors at national events. Cohen, who began debating as a seventh grader, finished second in the Harvard Round Robin […]

‘Mad Men’ finale has alum link

In the finale of television show “Mad Men,” created by Matt Weiner ‘83, Evan Arnold ’88 played Leonard, who made actor Jon Hamm’s Don Draper cry during a seminar at a retreat. The AMC series first aired in July of 2007 and ran for seven seasons. It aired its finale May 17. “Mad Men” centered […]