Annual solo night highlights seniors

Seniors in Wolverine Chorus, Bel Canto, Chamber Singers and Jazz Singers were scheduled to perform in the annual senior solo night in Saint Savior’s Chapel on Tuesday May 28.  Around 15 to 20 seniors sang, although it is not a mandatory event. At the end of the night, seniors gave a gift to both their […]

Don't let your past define you, be yourself

I’ve always been told that it was important to learn from my mistakes, so I went about being okay with making them as long as I took something away from them each time. Everything came to crashing halt when I made a mistake in my junior year one night at a party. Suddenly, my private […]

'A Diabolical Instrument'

A white line of powder cut across his reflection as he took out a small silver straw to take a hit off a mirror in his desk drawer. Moments after he finished, his students rushed into the office to surprise him with a teaching award. Two grams of cocaine had become part of performing arts […]

For graduation, she wants to fly

Tate Castro ’13 sat at her kitchen table one summer afternoon, pen in hand, pad of paper at the ready. She was brainstorming, admittedly a little early, for a very big gift that she’d been waiting for a long time – her graduation present. “Would you like to go to Europe?” her mom asked her, […]