Technology is not responding: but we can

So much depends on my computer. All my English essays, study guides, music, pictures, and college applications live within that four-year-old laptop. For a few hours, all this was gone. A few weeks ago, I was working on my college applications with my usually dependable MacBook computer when it froze. I decided to restart the […]

1-1 plan to begin this fall

The “One-to-One” initiative, which aims to enable every student at the Middle School to have their own computing device, is on course to be implemented in fall of 2013, Director of Studies Liz Resnick said. Though the specifics of the initiative, such as the types of devices and mode of implementation, have not yet been […]

Taiwanese educators observe curriculum

Administrators from the Taipei American School visited Harvard-Westlake in September to study its curriculum and teaching styles on their way to an educational conference in San Diego. The visitors from Taiwan sat in on classes on both the upper school and middle school campuses. “The woman who runs Taipei American School wants it to be […]

Junior showcases heart failure research at Seattle conference

Lizzy Thomas ’14 presented the results of her medical research at the Heart Failure Society of America Conference in Seattle. Thomas researched the correlation between obesity, muscle mass and heart disease this summer during an internship with Dr. Tamara Horwich, an assistant professor in residence in the Medical Cardiology department at UCLA. In the Seattle […]

Barzdukas assumes new role as Head of Upper School

With a home adjacent to campus and two of his children enrolled at Harvard-Westlake, Head of Upper School Audrius Barzdukas is beginning his 10th year at the school with a new role. When Barzdukas wakes up, he is only a short walk from his office. But this year, instead of overseeing  athletics from an office […]

Honor Board procedure to change

By David Lim and Michael Rothberg The administration has imposed two changes on the Honor Board system this year in what new Head of School Audrius Barzdukas said was an effort to promote transparency. The Honor Board will continue to review the facts of a case and determine if an Honor Code infraction has occurred, […]

Don’t mistake Facebook for action

By Michael Rothberg Every now and then, someone posts a link on Facebook to a charity or cause like stopping genocide in a foreign country or shutting down puppy mills. Usually, the links are asking for money or just “raising awareness.” However, no matter how noble the cause, there is something unsettling about seeing these […]

Diving in the deep

By Michael Rothberg For Bronty O’Leary ’13, everything is quiet, serene and relaxing below the surface. Equipped with a tankful of gas, she slowly descends deeper into the abyss of the ocean, encountering all sorts of marine life along the way. O’Leary, who was certified when she was 13, has scubadived all around the world […]

Photo Gallery: Senior Breakfast 2012

Seniors gathered in Taper Gymnasium for the annual senior breakfast, where they were served pancakes by their teachers. Matt Leichenger ’14, Nick Healy ’13 and Robert Lee ’14 played jazz music. Photos by Michael Rothberg.

Drivers no longer permitted to turn left into Main Entrance

By Michael Rothberg Drivers are no longer permitted to turn left into the upper school’s main entrance when driving southbound on Coldwater Canyon, due to construction on the water main in the road. Signs are posted indicating “No left turn,” and the LAPD will enforce the new rule. Drivers can enter the school by making […]