Physics teacher compares British, American schools in faculty meeting

By Michael Rothberg Physics teacher Joe Dangerfield discussed his observations from teaching at Harvard-Westlake at a faculty meeting this week. Dangerfield participated in a teacher swap between Harvard-Westlake School and Eton College, a boarding school in England, during which science teacher Karen Hutchison spent a year teaching at Eton while Dangerfield taught at Harvard-Westlake. “I’ve […]

Physicist discusses particle research, theorizes about more dimensions

By Michael Rothberg Theoretical physicist Eric D’Hoker discussed unanswered questions surrounding quantum and string theory in his presentation “Open Problems in Particle Physics.” Although students could also attend the Women’s History Speaker, D’Hoker’s presentation drew a full crowd into Ahmanson Theater on Monday after fourth period. A professor at UCLA, D’Hoker has won the “Best […]

Junior prefects elected without runoffs for 2012-13 school year

By Michael Rothberg Henry Hahn ’14, Oliver Goodman-Waters ’14, Ashley Sacks ’14 and Mazelle Etessami ’14 won the election for 2012-2013 Junior Prefects, Upper School Dean Tamar Adegbile said. Incoming Head Prefect Katie Lim ’13 said last week that she expected a runoff election including some of the 12 candidates, but it was not deemed necessary based on […]

8th grader releases app, donates profit to researcher

By Michael Rothberg Cameron Cohen ’16 released his second iPhone application, AnimalGrams, in December 2011. He is currently donating a portion of the profits to fund pediatric oncologist Dr. Noah Federman at UCLA. AnimalGrams, a play on the word “anagrams,” is a word game for Apple’s iOS operating system. The goal of the application is […]

Welcome to the zoo

By Michael Rothberg and Elana Zeltser Jeffrey Bu ’12 cracks a fresh egg every morning into a sizzling frying pan. It may not be farm fresh, but it is backyard fresh. Bu has two pet chickens, which he keeps in a makeshift coop behind his house. Last year, Bu’s father realized the costliness of buying […]

Security enforces new policy to use track

By Michael Rothberg The security staff, in conjunction with the administration, will now require people not affiliated with Harvard-Westlake to carry identification cards when using the upper school track. Head of Security Jim Crawford proposed this new requirement. It has the full support of the administration, he said. “The idea was mine and has full […]

Being sick is hard enough

By Michael Rothberg Anyone who has ever been sick knows that it’s not easy. Even the common cold has the ability to make one’s daily routine into a miserable fight. The near constant nose-blowing, sneezing and coughing makes it difficult to do much of anything besides sleep. Combined with the focus and critical analysis demanded […]

Senior’s 2009 one-act play to be featured in exhibition

By Michael Rothberg The script of Ben Sprung-Keyser’s ’11 one-act play “What All School Children Learn” will be featured in the “Art.Write.Now” Exhibition, a show composed of 100 pieces of art and writing selected from the winning submissions of the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Sprung-Keyser’s play was also selected for and performed in the […]