Tasting second semester

A few weeks ago, some friends and I celebrated becoming second semester seniors by exploding a watermelon. We used only rubber bands to do it. It was awesome. The sweet taste of victory (and, after it blew up, the watermelon itself) was subtly symbolic. This, I thought. This is what second semester is about. Second […]

Just take a deep breath

To be or not to be? That is the question. In his infamous Shakespearean soliloquy, Hamlet touches on a range of topics, including the pros and cons of suicide and the potential murder he must carry out. His statement ultimately boils down to a seemingly rigid belief in fate. Hamlet realizes he doesn’t know how […]

Vandal defaces Feldman-Horn cougar sculpture

An unidentified vandal drew eyes and a mouth onto the Feldman-Horn cougar statue, defacing the artwork with what appeared to be a black marker. Video I students Alex Copeland ’15 and Spencer Perryman ’15 noticed the markings while filming their first manual zoom assignment on Sept. 13. “My first reaction was, ‘that shouldn’t be there,’” […]

Nike sponsors SAAC shirts

The Student Athletic Advisory Council’s apparel received Nike’s first sponsorship of a high school organization. Natalie Florescu ’13 created the shirt on CustomInk.com. After other SAAC members approved the design, SAAC adviser and Athletics Director Darlene Bible submitted the shirt to Nike, who agreed to print the shirt as part of their “My School” apparel. Florescu […]

Alum co-hosts on HuffPost Live

After the first presidential candidate debate last week, Jacob Soboroff’s ’01 night was just beginning. Alternating between a Twitter feed, a Google Plus video conference, a live guest and clips of each candidate, Soboroff and two other co-hosts broke down the debate, dissecting each candidate’s effectiveness and honesty. Soboroff is a host for the Huffington […]

Suffering senioritis differently

I may have an acute case of senioritis. My symptoms, however, vary from the stereotype of apathy. I’m not kicking back and skipping class. It’s a new strain of the disease. I’m plagued by: Nostalgia: continual discussion of the old middle school campus. Jovial reminiscing about my kvetchy Spectrum column, “What Grinds my Gears.” I […]

Main gate reopens, pipe construction continues to sporadically block Coldwater

Despite pipeline installation under Coldwater Canyon in front of campus, the main South Entrance will open for the 2012-2013 school year. However, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power flagmen will continue to restrict Coldwater to one lane of traffic between 9 and 3 p.m. In an email to parents, Director of Communications Jill Shaw […]