New mid-year assessment schedule to be implemented

In order to allow teachers more flexibility while also alleviating students’ stress, the Scheduling Committee formulated a new plan for mid-year assessments this year, Upper School Deans Department Head Beth Slattery said. The new schedule consists of three 90-minute periods per day, with 60 or 90-minute breaks between each.  The first periods of Monday, Tuesday, […]

Sports practice schedules changed for mid-year assessments

Sports practice schedules changed for mid-year assessments

The athletics department has decided to eliminate Wednesday as a practice day but add half an hour of playing time to all other days except Friday during the midterms testing week. The old schedule allotted an hour each day for practicing Monday through Thursday, with no practice on Friday. “From an athletic standpoint, an hour […]

No reviews with teachers during midyear assessments next week

During midyear assessments next week, students will not be allowed to review with teachers, and all performing arts rehearsals and sports games and practices will be cancelled. “After assessments begin, as a matter of fairness, students who have yet to take an assessment may not review with teachers or students who have taken that assessment,” […]