Virtual Venom: The effects of cyberbullying

Virtual Venom: The effects of cyberbullying

“Fat,” “ugly” and “slut” burn into Lola’s* ’18 mind as she scrolls through a Facebook page with line after line of scathing attacks. As a seventh grader reading comments suggesting she should kill herself, she has never forgotten the feeling to this day. “I felt so small and that everyone hated me,” Lola said. “I […]

School holds Wang Hall reception

The school honored Shirley and Walter Wang (Walter Jr. ’13, Chantalle ’17, Matthew ’18) for their lead donation to fund the Wang Hall renovation at the Middle School Sept. 5. President Rick Commons, the Wangs and former President Tom Hudnut, whom the Wang family dedicated the building to, officially opened Wang Hall with a ribbon-cutting. Shirley Wang […]

Seventh graders visit Washington D.C.

For the first time, the Harvard-Westlake middle school sponsored a trip to Washington D.C. Thirty one students traveled with middle school history teachers Matthew Cutler, Lilas Lane and George Gaskin as chaperones. The middle school history department created this trip to complement the new seventh grade class this year entitled American History and Government. “We […]

Spanish students supplement learning in Spain

Spanish students from eighth to 12th grade participated in the Aula Toledo and Escuela Montalbán educational programs while in Spain during spring break. They were paired up into groups of three or four to do activities such as treasure hunts and taking selfies with local monuments during the school day. They boarded in pairs with […]

Stone-cutters launches publication website

The stone-cutters literary magazine launched a website before winter break to attract more artwork submissions throughout the year and share updates from the editors. The literary publication went digital for the first time in order to improve upon its first class National Scholastic Press Association rating this year. The website was created by Melanie Krassel […]

Middle school students attend grade retreats

Middle school students are visiting either local or out-of -town locations for retreat this week. On Monday, 119 seventh graders visited Long Beach and Culver City. They will spend Wednesday and Thursday at Camp Crags in Malibu. For 96 seventh graders, retreat week is being spent on Catalina Island. “Hopefully, retreat helps seventh graders transition […]

Renovations to Wang Center affect classes

Renovations began June 7 to modernize Reynolds Hall, which will be known upon completion as the Wang Center. While the building is being renovated during the school year, history, world languages, visual arts and human development classes will be taught in portable classrooms on the middle school campus. After the renovations are complete, the Wang […]

School to supply free software

As part of an effort by the school to coordinate technology use by faculty and students, all grades will be able to download and install Microsoft Office for free by following steps that will be in an email. Director of Computer Services Dave Ruben said this service will increase the compatibility between what students turn […]

Wimbish announces All-Community Read

Head of Middle School Jon Wimbish announced “Pay it Forward” by Catherine Ryan Hyde as the middle school’s All Community Read May 19. The story follows Trevor Mckinney, who is assigned a project to come up with a plan that will benefit the world. Mckinney initiates his plan of aiding people who then repay him […]

Spectrum students win national writing, photo awards

The Spectrum won five individual awards for its submissions to the 2014 Quill and Scroll International Writing and Photo Contest. Phoebe Sanders ’17 was named a Sweepstakes Winner in Opinion Writing for her story “Examining the Exams.” Liz Yount ’17 was named a Sweepstakes Winner in Photography for her photograph of a varsity boys’ water […]