Over 50 students contract whooping cough

Over 50 students across both campuses have been diagnosed with whooping cough, Community Health Officer Milo Sini said in an email to students and parents. Because the disease is highly contagious, the school will continue to send home students who exhibit flu or cold-like symptoms until they can provide written proof of negative test results. […]

Students contract whooping cough

Eight students across both the middle and upper school campuses were diagnosed with pertussis, commonly known as whooping cough, Community Health Officer Milo Sini said in an email Dec. 18.  The school notified only the parents of students who share classes or activities with those infected. This is the second consecutive year the highly contagious […]

Milo Sini to act as new Health Officer

After serving in the upper school trainers’ office, Milo Sini assumed the newly minted position of Community Health Officer. “I’m in charge of the overall general health of the student body and anything that that would entail: anywhere from making sure that our kids are physically healthy, that they’re properly taken care of and such.” […]

Junior shares sports medicine research

Jamie Skaggs ’15 conducted scientific studies with Children’s Hospital and presented her findings in Ahmenson Lecture Hall during break Feb. 3. Skaggs participated in two studies conducted by Children’s Hospital last year and traveled to Singapore last summer to present her studies at the International Youth Sports Science Conference. Skaggs’ first study determined what position […]