I was Dumb Last Year, I will be Dumb this Year

I always think the same thing when I look back on the past: “Wow. I was kind of dumb last year.” Let’s start with sixth grade, when I was a plain dork. Then in seventh grade, I looked back on sixth grade, saw my dorkiness, and decided I had to change that by ditching my dork […]

Dungeons and Dragons… and spiked chains and flaming swords

Dungeons and Dragons… and spiked chains and flaming swords

Growing tired, the Dungeons and Dragons players flung spiked chains and a flaming sword at the golden throne. The vampire sitting on it wouldn’t budge, and he was a stronger villain than they had ever faced before. “I told you I was taking the training wheels off,” Dungeon Master Henry Zumbrunnen ’16 jeered at fellow […]

After Assault

After Assault

For months, she didn’t know anyone else who had gone through what she had. Samantha* was sexually assaulted by an acquaintance at a friend’s house after a party last April, she said. “No,” she had told her attacker during the assault. “I don’t want to, please stop, get off me.” Samantha said she thought “he […]

Don't let labels limit your personal growth

Pandas irritate me. It’s not the animals themselves, or even the abundance of Internet GIFs they occupy. It’s the species’ close, tangled connection to Asian stereotypes that irritates me. Pandas originate in Asia, yes, but I don’t understand how they say so much about Asian-Americans or their character that practically every Asian-American teenager has been […]

Percentage of senior class applying early drops

In a drop back down from last year’s record high of 93.4 percent, the number of seniors submitting early college applications hit only 89 percent this fall, Upper School Dean Beth Slattery said. “Last year might have been an anomaly,” Slattery said. “I think it’s always from now on going to hover in the 85 […]

Being Involved

“What is important is that students select activities that are truly meaningful to them and that they really get involved with them,” reads UCLA’s Admissions website. “We look for long-standing dedication and significant time commitment to an activity, and we notice students’ progression to positions of leadership or recognition of achievement.” Some students keep what […]

English department clarifies tutoring policy

The English department outlined its policy on tutors and secondary sources in a Wednesday email to upper school parents and students. A statement titled “Writing English Essays at Home” was included in the message with a letter from department chair Laurence Weber and started by saying the department discourages the use of tutors for take-home […]

Getting the bigger picture

The Dude abides. That’s probably the most important thing I learned during break, but the Dude probably doesn’t care how high he ranks on my list of summer lessons. It all started when my cousin got into film school from his local community college. His new purpose in life was movies, and by the end […]

Donors, alumni, celebrities surprise Walch with endowed chair

Close to 100 alumni surprised performing arts and cinema studies teacher Ted Walch Monday night by singing and dancing for him at the announcement of the establishment of a Ted Walch Endowed Chair for Performing Arts and Cinema Studies. The $1.5 million endowment, President Rick Commons said, will help the school bring and keep “the […]

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