APES students host sustainable fashion sale to combat abuses of fast fashion industry

In an effort to raise awareness about the environmental degradation caused by the fast fashion industry, AP Environmental Science students hosted a sustainable clothing sale with student-donated attire on campus Feb. 11. Maddie Boudov ’21, Sergio Coury ’20, Fernando Diaz-Ojeda ’20 and Mimi Offor ’21 spearheaded the sale as an extension of their AP Environmental […]

Students participate in Heal the Bay Coastal Cleanup

Students taking AP Environmental Science traveled to Santa Monica Beach Oct. 19 to participate in a beach cleanup organized by Heal the Bay, an environmental non-profit organization. “All kinds of trash ended up on the beach because of the drainage system,” Bennett Markinson ’21 said. “Plastic gets broken into small pieces so animals think they […]

APES classes receive trout egg delivery

Advanced Placement Environmental Science classes received their annual delivery of trout eggs on Jan 19. Students will now begin to care for and raise the trouts, which will later be released into the Castaic Lake in California when they are large enough to survive on their own. Science teacher Nadine Eisenkolb, who has been part of […]

Free Willy: APES students release trout into the wild

AP Environmental Science students released rainbow trout into Lake Castaic to combat trout depopulation Wednesday. Science teacher Nadine Eisenkolb coordinated the field trip after students raised the fish in the classroom. This process allowed the students to observe the trout eggs hatch prior to releasing them into local water sources. The class acquired the trout from […]

Environmental Club participates in Green Living Fair

Environmental Club participates in Green Living Fair

In the hopes of highlighting its involvement in environmental causes, the Environmental Club gave away free plants during the Green Living Fair in Studio City on March 11. The plants, muhly grass and yerba buena, which came with pots participants were able to decorate, are native plants that require little watering. “It is really important […]

Speaker discusses importance of raising trout

Speaker discusses importance of raising trout

Natural Resources Volunteer Program volunteer Rudy Brown spoke to AP Environmental Science students and members of the Environmental Club about the importance of participating in the Trout in the Classroom program on Feb. 27. Though now retired, Brown said he has always been interested in the environment and has also worked as a seasonal ranger aid […]