Rocket launched with student experiment onboard

SpaceX launched a rocket Feb. 19 containing an experiment in paper chromatography that Samuel Buckley-Bonanno ’19 designed. The experiment tests the effect that gravity has on chromatography and how the outcome differs between Earth and space. Buckley-Bonanno explained that in his experiment, he puts one side of a piece of paper with a sample of […]

Professor explains extrasolar planets

  By Saj Sri-Kumar UCLA Astronomy Professor Michael Jura (Michael ’99) spoke about the search for extrasolar planets and the difficulty of finding terrestrial planets similar to Earth capable of supporting life during an optional assembly on Monday morning in Ahmanson Lecture Hall. The event, which was held during the Upper School’s regular Monday break, […]

Rocketry Club wins grant from NASA

By Sammy Roth The Rocketry Club received a $3,700 grant from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to build a rocket which can carry a scientific payload a mile into the air. NASA gave the grant to 14 rocketry teams, most of which hail from high schools, as part of its Student Launch Initiative. The […]