Physics teacher publishes research book

Physics teacher Antonio Nassar published a research book entitled “Bohmian Mechanics, Open Quantum Systems and Continuous Measurements” in March, which he co-authored with Salvador Miret-Artés of the Spanish National Research Council. In the book, they discuss Bohmian mechanics, an interpretation of quantum mechanics, and its measurement theory. They propose that it overcomes the need for […]

International journal publishes teacher's paper

Upper School science teacher Dr. Antonio Nassar published his fifty-fifth research paper on quantum mechanics in the International Journal of Physics. His paper is about dissipation in quantum mechanics, or friction at the microscopic level. Nassar’s paper, “Time-Dependent Gaussian Solution for the Kostin Equation Around Classical Trajectories,” went through a review process in which an […]

Graduates’ research to be printed in science journal

By David Lim The American Journal of Physics will feature a research paper in its October issue written by two students in the Studies for Scientific Research class. The paper, entitled “New experimental method of visualizing the electric field due to surface charges on circuit elements,” was submitted in April 2009 by Rebecca Jacobs ’09 […]

SSR shows how to walk on water

By Jean Park Students crowded around a section of the quad and jumped on top of tables to get a better view as Dr. Antonio Nassar and students in the Studies in Scientific Research conducted a scientific demonstration during a Monday break. A rectangular sandbox was assembled with smooth wooden planks to be filled with […]

Alumni win in Olympiads

By Sammy Roth   For the second consecutive year, Josh Oreman ’09 and Rebecca Jacobs ’09 won medals in the International Science Olympiads. Oreman earned a gold medal at the International Physics Olympiad in Mérida, Mexico, and Jacobs won a silver medal at the International Linguistics Olympiad in Wroclaw, Poland. Both alumni were the top […]

Trio goes green

By Faire Davidson Going green has been a goal this year for the school. The middle schoolers lost their water bottles and gained filtered water fountains with more plans under way. Adam Rothman ’09, Ben Barad ’09 and Bobby Kazimiroff ’09 were approached by science teacher Antonio Nassar last November asking them to investigate how […]

Go ahead, think big

by Andrew Lee Last summer I attended the NHSI Journalism Cherubs program at Northwestern University. One of my mentors was eBay cofounder Marylou Song. I collaborated with her on developing a website for the program which incorporated multimedia features. Song inspired me to believe in the dream, and work hard for the reality. When she […]

Senior simulates quantum motion

By Andrew Lee Biswaroop Mukherjee ’09 achieved a mathematical simulation that has never been done before, according to physics teacher Antonio Nassar. Mukherjee carried out a simulation of a wave-packet tunneling through a rectangular barrier using a computational software program called Mathematica. “Since a quantum particle is expressed as a wave, it interferes with itself, […]