Casey Kim returns as Campaign Director

Casey Kim, who worked in the Office of Advancement from 2007 to 2016, returned this year as the new Campaign Director. For the last two years, Kim served as an Associate Director of Advancement at Windward School. “My decision [to return] was definitely driven by the opportunity to grow professionally and the opportunity to work […]

New advancement administrator joins staff

Following former Senior Advancement Administrator Brenda Janowitz’s retirement, Advancement Administrator Amber Kasongo joined the advancement team. Janowitz’s departure caused a shift in the advancement department: former Advancement Administrator Marla Scholm took over as Senior Advancement Administrator and Kasongo joined the team to fill Schlom’s position. As part of the Advancement Office, Kasongo will be responsible […]

Athletic department hires strength and conditioning staff

The athletics program hired two full-time athletic performance coaches, Director of Strength and Conditioning Jeff Crelling and Strength and Conditioning Coach Kyle Casey. They will focus on developing athlete’s speed, agility, nutrition, and rehabilitation in addition to their work in the weight room. Crelling, who will serve as the head of the program, received an […]