Race to College

During a September dean meeting to discuss college prospects, Melody* ’15 was told that college admissions officers would hold her grades and test scores to a higher standard because she is Asian. “So right from the start, because I’m Asian, college admissions officers would look at me in a different way, which I thought was […]

Toxic Turf?

Every time field hockey player Caitlin Neapole ’16 removes her shoes after practice, tiny pieces of ground-up tires fall out. Field hockey player Alexandra Grande ’16 is also intimately familiar with the crumb rubber pellets that form the base of the school’s artificial field turf. “I’ve gotten those in my hair and clothes and even […]

Under Control

Jane* hears her phone alarm ring while sitting with a friend at her house. She grabs it and reads the alert on the screen: “You know what this is,” then jets into the bathroom. She takes out the circular birth control pill dispenser from the cabinet as quietly as she can, pushes a pill from […]

Club to sell holiday cards to raise money for charity

The Velvet Daisies Club will sell student-made holiday cards on the quad two weeks before winter break to raise money for the Children’s Institute Inc., a foundation helping underprivileged children. A new club this year, Velvet Daisies, co-headed by Angela Chon ’16 and Justine Chen ’16, is a charity club aimed at creating a space […]

Take time to remember

Rush to class. Rush through notes. Rush out. Rush to practice, then rush home for work, then rush to bed. Repeat. It seems like all we ever do at Harvard-Westlake is rush through our day. Students run from one class to the next, clutching books between tight fingers and throwing a quick “thank you” over […]

Physics professor presents on AIDS

UCLA Physics and Astronomy Professor Robijn Bruinsma lectured students Nov. 17 about the recent research from the physics community on the behavior of the AIDS virus. Bruinsma described the behavior of the virus from its maturity stages to its fragility through a PowerPoint presentation. Bruinsma also discussed physical probes developed in recent decades such as […]

Producer tells La Femme club to accept challenges and move forward

Ellie Wen ’05 told La Femme club members at their meeting Nov. 17 to accept their challenges and to move on. The Alumni Office recommended Wen to speak to students about optimism, the fifth goal in the La Femme club’s 11-goal system. One alumna is invited to speak each month. “I don’t have any regrets. […]

Languages department expands honors classes

The Upper School World Languages department will offer Spanish and French II Honors starting next school year to “better prepare students for three honors and for [the] AP program.” Upper school students meeting the requirement of receiving a 93 percent or higher in French or Spanish 1 or 1B and permission of the instructor will […]

Team competes in CIF Finals, captures 7th league title

After capturing the Mission League title for the seventh year in a row, the girls’ varsity tennis team is preparing for the CIF Individuals tournament after success in preliminary CIF matches. Of the eight league matches this season, the squad fell only to Marlborough in a close 10-8 battle. The Wolverines sent their top two […]

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