Remembering where I am

“In Section 6b, enter our school name and address,” said the proctor for the P.S.A.T. With my yellow, #2 Dixon Ticonderoga pencil I wrote School Year Abroad China, 12 Xin Jie Kou Wai, Beijing, and, then, I remembered –– I am in China. As one of my classmates likes to joke, “Last night, I went […]

Polls to close Tuesday for mock student election

Upper school students have until Tuesday to vote in a nationwide mock election as one of two schools representing California. An online survey that polls students on their preferred candidate for the presidential election as well as their viewpoints on issues was emailed to all students last week. Students’ votes for president in the survey […]

KHWS launches with record number of DJs

KHWS, Harvard-Westlake’s student-run online radio station, hit the air waves for the first time this school year today Oct. 23 with student DJ Alisha Bansal ’14 playing “Kong” by Bonobo to kick off her 5 p.m. set. Bansal is the first of fifty student DJs who will broadcast this year once every two weeks for […]

Taiwanese educators observe curriculum

Administrators from the Taipei American School visited Harvard-Westlake in September to study its curriculum and teaching styles on their way to an educational conference in San Diego. The visitors from Taiwan sat in on classes on both the upper school and middle school campuses. “The woman who runs Taipei American School wants it to be […]

Current events need background

In 2008, my preteen mind was consumed with hopes of getting my braces off rather than the beginning of the recession. I never thought about how fortunate I was to have health care because my pediatrician’s office was simply a room overflowing with Sesame Street merchandise that my mother dragged me to once a year. […]

Table tennis player competes internationally

At age 14, Oliver Friedman ’17 has already traveled all across the globe in pursuit of becoming an Olympic table tennis player.  Friedman, who has played in Vienna, New York, Las Vegas and Baltimore, has won tournaments throughout the nation and ultimately plans to make the U.S. table tennis team for the 2016 Olympics in […]

Spears adopts stray dog, puppies ensue

Ten squirming balls of fur, distinguishable only by their coloring, cuddled close together on the padded floor of Performing Arts teacher Michele Spears’s apartment. Towards the end of April, Spears’s boyfriend Dave Bushnell, long interested in “bringing home a special buddy,” was heading towards a pet adoption event when he spotted a small, white dog […]

On the gridiron with Henry Schlossberg '13 and Thomas Oser '13 Henry Schlossberg’s ’13 and Thomas Oser’s ’13 work on both the offensive and defensive lines has helped the football team start the season 5-1 and put the team in a position to make the playoffs for the first time since 2009. What roles do you play on the team? Oser: I’m predominantly an offensive […]

Corrupted camera chip requires photo retakes

A camera chip containing yearbook photos was corrupted last week, forcing yearbook staff  to arrange two make-up days last Monday Oct. 1 and Friday Oct. 5 so students could retake their pictures. The make-up days were also open to students who missed the original picture days due to confusion or absence. Yearbook editors-in-chief Emily Persky […]

International journal publishes teacher's paper

Upper School science teacher Dr. Antonio Nassar published his fifty-fifth research paper on quantum mechanics in the International Journal of Physics. His paper is about dissipation in quantum mechanics, or friction at the microscopic level. Nassar’s paper, “Time-Dependent Gaussian Solution for the Kostin Equation Around Classical Trajectories,” went through a review process in which an […]

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